Charity Work Ideas


Mar 23, 2011

Last 3 months, fate has been very kind to me. Lot of long term projects came through. Work is going through a new high.

I wanted to do my bit to return the "good karma".

And Argentina being my new adopted country, their is no place better to start right here.

Can you give me genuine ideas please?

I am looking for :

aa) To donate small amounts of money ( every month) to genuine causes in Capital Federal or in Argentina. Some where the money would be used well?

bb) To do couple of hours of free work ( every week) in some organization for unprivileged people in CF. ( My Spanish is below average BTW).

No sarcastic comments, please.
Jolly good. Glad things are going well and even better that you want to share the good karma.

You can anonymously donate money to most organized charities using their bank accounts.There are also those places that struggle to feed the children of the less fortunate. They will certainly welcome non perishable food and if weather stays this way, fresh beverages. Children need lots of fluids.

Not the church going type, but noticed that the Church in my neighborhood also provides free food on mondays for the elder and the needy. People are welcome to come help prepare the meals and distribute them in the neighborhood. Takes them a couple of hours. Maybe you can something similar nearby.

Or maybe someone can tell where you can find an english speaking charity.
There used to be one in Acassuso. Outside CF. Maybe they can point you in the right direction.


Can you give more details about the church. I like the idea very much.

I am interested in financing some underprivileged kids education every month, so that he.she can make a good life or helping old people's homes with medicines etc.
The one church I know nearby is the Iglesia de Caacupé @ Caballito. Right across Av. Rivadavia from Parque Rivadavia. Subte station Acoyte. 50' ride in the 15 bus or $50 in a taxi from your whereabouts I doubt anyone speaks english but at least you can enjoy Village Caballito cinemas, a lots of icecream parlors and sone decent cuisine nearby afterwards.

The church is tied to the Paraguayan Virgin of Caacupé and the paraguayan community.

I bet there must be something more english friendly in Belgrano.
Habitat for Humanity / Argentina might be a good place to start.
A decent place to live is always important. and a basic need.

Thank you for your kindness & spirit.
We need more people like you.
If you looking for organisations to donate to this might be a good place to start. Organisations are apparently checked to make sure they are real and not scams.

With regards to volunteer work its unfortunately VERY hard to find which is sad because there are so many people in need in this country. :(
Although i did recently hear of an organisation that organises birthday parties in the villas and apparently the woman in charge speaks English. Might be worth a try?
An expat in a villa isn't a good idea, no matter how big your heart is. Just my personal opinion, I could be wrong.

Also, in my experience, I have found that donating money to institutions could be a bad idea sometimes. It's much better to ask them what sort of food they need and give them the supplies instead of the cash. Hard work, I know, but it's the only way you make sure your effort feeds a child

Ideas like yours are truly inspiring, by the way :) it's great what you want to do for the people in need in Argie.
Paul -

ive done volunteer work in a villa and know several other expats who have done it as well and never heard of a problem. Im not suggesting to go wondering around alone. if you stay with the organisation that you have gone with i see no reason why it should be a bad idea.

i agree with you about rather donating food or toys but the point of HELP ARGENTINA is that they make sure that the organisation are using the donations they receive correctly which is exactly why i suggested it.
Ceviche - one more thing. i "liked" this page on FB and they seem to have lots of info about charities who are looking for volunteers and/or donations.
What I know for a fact on how those social housing projects are created and how the funding is handled, from now on I feel mugged each time I read about a new one.
When our beloved leader announced she would destine those railroad yards at Caballito and elsewhere for social housing I could picture those in charge pocketing 2/3 of the funding and property value. Terribly sad but true nonetheless.

Agree with those comments that would rather not see you going into the villas.
Food and/or toys are the dogs bollocks on holiday season. A long journey starts with the first step.