cheap airfare websites?


Dec 4, 2007
Who knows the best website for airfare to Buenos Aires from U.S.? I am finding around 800$ usd one way from LAX. Is this the lowest?
Hi Dinguskhan.
I need to go the other way. I bought with airmiles, non refundable, I need to return early, so am losing out on some bucks. Please share the info on cheap tickets. I think $800 usd is pretty darn cheap.
Buena suerte.
Hi, Dinguskan, I find the best (I find round trip to Chicago) for $469+ plus taxes and "extras" 801.- total. now this is from Mendoza - it maybe cheaper to Buenos aires,
good luck...
Thanks for the response, I just purchased a one way ticket from San Diego Ca. to B.A. Argentina for 825 usd including taxes by way of and One of the deciding factors besides price was the flight duration of only 16 hours versus 24 hours elsewhere. I also had the luxury of flexible travel dates. Thanks, DK
VR236 offered the website and after purchasing my ticket on kayak I checked the carbone website and found that I could have bought the same exact flight for $763 us vs $825 for a savings of 62 bucks! Oh well, next time I will use Thanks for the info VR236, -DK
Now I will look for lodging.
Is it farther from Buenos Aires to Los Angeles then it is from Los Angele to Buenos Aires? I checked with Carbone and a flight from buenos Aires to Los Angeles is $1371 US. A flight from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires is $751 US. a difference of $621 US. Kayak was even worse, more then $1,000 difference.
I know some dumb shit out there is going to give me a literal answer. Something about the rotation of the earth.
It has always been more expensive to fly out of Argentina or buy a ticket here. The same roundtrip ticket originating in the states can be much cheaper. Don't know why.
Well, it depends on the dates you are traveling, what airport you are traveling from, if your dates are flexible and whether you are flying economy, business or first class. $800.00 is pretty fair considering other airlines are much higher.
I recently found a round-trip ticket originating from Buenos Aires going to Philadelphia with United Airlines at with a January 16, 2008 departure date and a January 27, 2008 return date for $1150.10, taxes, fees and surcharges included. Believe it or not, if my wife chose to travel one day sooner the cost went up to $1,629.90 and the day after costs $1,401.00 with the same airline. Normally, for me, the prices are lower when I travel from the United States and head to Buenos Aires, not always, but normally.
Do your homework, shop around and when you find the best price buy it before the sale runs out.