Cheap Flights to the States?


Jan 17, 2009
Hey, I'm going to be flying out of Buenos Aires and I can't find any reasonable prices for tickets to anywhere in the US. Can anyone recommend a site/airline/or travel plan that could be good?

I'd ideally be going to the San Francisco area, but any good advise is welcome.
I usually find relatively cheap (round trip) fares on Mexicana might be worth a look but beware of overnight connections (not flights) in Mexico City.
check out and will give you all the carriers and prices...
Forgot to post that you to track prices..they email weekly, I believe, and IF you purchase a ticket that you have "tagged w/Yapta" and the price goes up they will help you recover the price difference!
i guess there r no cheap tickets to go anywhere but south america, im lookinf for a good flight to milano but prices r just crazy!
their prices seem to vary by week but thats about as good as they get and they are a good airline i will have to try this yapta thing tho never heard of it
799 is usa dollars on the usa lan website
I just bought a ticket from to Atlanta for $650USD, taxes and travel insurance included. Night non stop to DC and morning connection to ATL. They wouldn't show me the airline until afterwards, but it's with United.
Spirit Air has an awesome deal from Miami to Bogota, Colombia... $120 roundtrip, I believe. Not sure how much a flight from BA to Bogota would be, but it might be something to look into.