Cheap, fun hostel recommendations?


Mar 19, 2009
Hey again everyone! I'll be heading to Argentina for about 5 months coming up the beginning of April. I've been checking out rooms to rent via craigslist and there seems to be some nice stuff there, but I certainly don't want to commit until I see the place and me the people. Plus, I have a couple of native argentinian friends who feel they can find me a room cheaper than I could on my own. Anywho, as a result I'm looking for a decent hostel somewhere in the center-area (San Telmo, Palermo-Soho/Hollywood/Wherever, Recoleta) to stay for a couple of days that is cheap but relatively secure and fun. It doesn't have to be fancy at all, mostly I'm looking for a place to stash my stuff, maybe meet a couple of people, and be within good walking/travel distance not only bars and restaurants and clubs, but also to the neighborhoods where I might be searching for housing (Which would probably be the above neighborhoods, or any others near the center of Buenos Aires). Any recommendations would be most welcome!
Thanks for the recommendation! Question -- if one just gets a room in a dorm, do they have some kind of lockup for your valuables? I'll be bringing my computer with me, and I'd like to be able to store that somewhere.
yes, the El Sol hostel has lockers... for free. and you just take the key with you.
Ostinatto in San Telmo is also good.
You can lock you belongings in lockers in each room....will need your own padlock though.
Let me ask you this -- if I'm coming from the airport, and I want to take the Manuel Tienda Leon shuttle, what hostel would be close to where the bus would drop me off? I know you can get the shuttle to take you to various neighborhoods, but presumably just a single spot in each neighborhood.
Hey! I would recommend La Rocca hostel ( in the center (Callao 341, half a block from Corrientes)- its cheap, safe and one of the best locations in the city for everything you need! The subte is right out front of the building as well. I stayed their for 3 weeks before I ended up finding a place of my own. I think they actually have apartments for rent too but I never looked into it. If you want someone not downtown and a little more of a mellow area, try their branch in Palermo. I checked it out and seemed great but wanted to stay downtown..