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Jan 11, 2008
Hi! A friend of mine will be here for a couple of months and he is talking a weird mess of Italian and French so he is in desperate need of a crash course, basic grammar etc. Can anyone please recommend a cheap place to learn Spanish apart from UBA and Lenguas Vivas?
I'd like to think that private tutoring would be best and most cost-effective. Stella Maris García, who lives near Tucumán and Callao, helped me a lot (her telephone number is [54 11] 4373 7716). As for schools, in addition to the UBA and CUI, I've heard good about the ILEE.
Hey, Desertrose. My name is Carl. I can teach your friend Spanish. I am argentinean, lived in California for 26 years, so I also speak English, which is fundamental when it comes to communicate with your teacher. Also, I know what a person needs to learn first when he/she arrives to a new culture. I charge 20 pesos per hour (about 7 dollars). I am centrally located in Buenos Aires (Cordoba Ave and Pueyrredon- Barrio Norte) I can travel to other parts of town. You can get in touch with me at 15-6361-1308 or at [email protected]. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks
Just a word of caution when selecting Spanish instruction, not all instructors are alike. Just because a person is fluent in English dose not make a good instructor. A qualified instructed should have a knowledge of teaching principals. I had an private instructor in Buenos Aires who spoke perfect English but was not organized and methodical, I learned very little. I then took Spanish lessons in San Jose, Costa Rica at the Idioma International. The Instructor there was excellent, he was able to make the the material easy to understand. I personally recommend that lessons be taken at a language schools. The instructors are certified and you can learn from your peers.
I'd largely agree with DQ. Certainly a teacher who's received extensive training in teaching methods is much more likely to be alert to her student's needs and to know how best to address those needs: a major reason why Profesora García has helped me so much, I believe, is her teacher's training (she holds a baccalaureate in education); though her competence in English might be good for some students, her thorough knowledge of Spanish and of how to convey that knowledge to a student was what benefited (and interested) me most.
I did study for some weeks in two language institutes, the CUI and the Laboratorio de Idiomas, and found those teachers very good; but the participation of the other students (three or four others in the CUI, a half-dozen others in the Laboratorio of the UBA) did not assist me. Perhaps having Argentine friends and cousins, all well-educated, has been more beneficial.
Bottom line: different people learn in different ways. A trained teacher tutoring a single student is, I think, the one person most likely to help a student at whatever level of competence. If one is serious about learning the language well, it's worth any reasonable price to study with the best available (I don't know what current rates might be, but I doubt that many teachers would charge much above the equivalent of ten or fifteen American dollars for an hour's tutorial).
If your friend is interested in learning Spanish from true Porteños who are honest and will make you feel at home, you're in luck. Alem School is a laid-back and straightforward school where you can set your own schedule, join in for free charlas, parties, soccer games and days at the racetrack.

Of course there are many schools in Buenos Aires to choose from, but as an ex-pat who searched desperately to find the right place...I can say that at Alem School I feel at home and in good company. If you are interested please contact me and I can hook it up...also, if you just want to come to the office to check it out that would be wonderful too. It is located downtown but in a beautiful quiet corner near Puerto Madero and there is a great big view (one of the best in BA). So, come down to the school and hangout on the big comfy couches and see if Alem might suit your style.
I'm making my second trip to BA and have studied Spanish here in the states. My partner is Argentinean, but isn't a Spanish teacher, so I'm looking at I.L.EE for a two week period, but they ARE pricey at $230/week. I have seen RWS mention Stella to a couple of folks and was curious if anyone has contacted her, or if she even teaches anymore. I would be very interested in hearing feedback. The references, which I did check out, for I.L.E.E. were very good, although some folks were surprised that their names had been given out. ;)

I am leaving mid-December and plan on staying for 3 weeks, with every intent on returning yearly, so a good school is important. Thanks for any help.

I have done a LOT of shopping around for cheap Spanish courses as I don't have a lot of money but do have a great desire to learn Spanish. I arrived in BsAs immediately after the last class of the year was filled at UBA, so I was forced to look for other cheap options. In retrospect I am very glad I wasn't able to take classes at UBA because I believe I found much better options. I just finished a four week course at CODE
If you sign up for four weeks of classes the school charges $50 a week for ten hours of classes, so about $5 an hour. What's more, the classes are extremely small, ranging from 2-6 people. The only students in my class were my boyfriend and myself, and we were really happy with our teachers. We also found classes for 20 hrs/wk for four weeks all for $440 at Buenos Aires Spanish School, so only slightly more than $5/hr.
We haven't yet started our lessons at this school, so we can't yet speak to the teachers. However, it does seem they allow a considerable amount of time to practice both conversation and grammar, so you actually learn to speak rather than just knowing the rules. The classes are also very small (2-6 students), and you get an additional 20% discount if you are a member of South American Explorers
Both of these schools are either cheaper than enrolling in UBA as a first time student or the same price, and the classes are usually less than half the size. You get to talk a lot more and the teacher can cater to the individual students’ needs very easily. I believe these are the cheapest lessons in the city, considering the class size and quality of instruction (and if anyone knows of a better deal please let me know).
Hi, I´d like to recommend my teacher, Lilia. She has 18 years of experience in teaching Spanish for Foreigners, is Lic. in Letras from University (UBA) and she speaks many languages. Her classes are nice, productive an very cheap. Her email is [email protected]
Good luck!
Hi, I am a Spanish Teacher myself. I offer personal tutoring and your friend can write me back and see if we can organize a plan for him.I teach to all levels and adapt my methods to every need.
For details: [email protected]

desertrose said:
Hi! A friend of mine will be here for a couple of months and he is talking a weird mess of Italian and French so he is in desperate need of a crash course, basic grammar etc. Can anyone please recommend a cheap place to learn Spanish apart from UBA and Lenguas Vivas?