Cheapest shipping service?


Aug 17, 2016
Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for shipping a MacBook Air from the US to Buenos Aires. Checked with DHL and it ends up costing $334 + $19.05 insurance, and UPS is about $300 for shipping + $300 dollars for insurance, so I'm looking for cheaper options if possible. The laptop has already been purchased in the states and I'm just trying to find a way to get it out here.
Check into mule courier services. There were a few posted here a while ago.
I see you're new here.

The only way to get it here cheap is to go to the states and get it.

Yeah, I'm not new here and should've anticipated this but it turns out someone misled me to believe it'd be about $160 bucks. C'est la vie...
Switch to Windows :)

Seriously? With 600 people quota to enter the country. How many of them are mules?
There is already talk of increasing that number, which will probably hold just for the next few weeks. Then there will be a different quota in place, and two weeks later another one, and so on, and so forth... Nothing beats having consistent regulations. Nowadays, ours are consistently inconsistent.

Small wonder airlines are suspending operations, and some have in fact left altogether. Hard to plan in such an unpredictable business climate.
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I've previously bought iPhones from import_max (search for them on Instagram), for about 15% over the US price. I see they advertise a MacBook Air, but you need to ask them the price, they don't publish it. I believe they're in San Isidro. There are a few more importers around, it shouldn't be impossible to find what you want.