Cheapest way to book lodging


Jan 29, 2023
I’ve booked a few airbnbs for some trips around Argentina, but El chalten seems to be a bit more expensive. Do you guys have a recommendation for a booking site that will let us pay in pesos (either on American CC or in pesos cash) at the hotel or apartment/short term rental? It seems like everyone is trying to take advantage iof tourists lying in dollars and missing out on benefit of MEP.

Or a site that lets you pay in pesos online with US card so I get MEP rate?
I usually go to the hotels own website and book in pesos. Then I bring pesitos to cover. Been doing this for years. The new tourist credit card rate adds nice option. I tried this recently to cover some hotel food expenses. Just made sure the receipt was in pesos. And kept copy. Everything worked out. On a recent trip to Iguazu the hotel did try to change to USD when i arrived even though i booked on website in pesitos.. I rejected the offer.
I think Hostelworld might. Linked below is the place we stayed in El Chalten (which I'd recommend), though I didn't book the place ahead of time so I can't confirm that Hostelworld keeps the payment in pesos once you check out. When we paid with a card at the front desk it was in pesos.