Chile Tourist Fee if you're Just Stopping Over?


Dec 5, 2008

I'm looking at airfares to the US and there are a couple which have stopovers in Chile. As an American citizen if I fly into Santiago to stay I'm subject to their reciprocity fee which, for Americans, is something like $130. Anyway, my question is, if I'm flying into Santiago just as a stopover, do I still have to pay this fee?

I'd be curious to hear from any Americans, Canadians or Australians who've flown thru Santiago as a stopover.

This might depend upon your definition of "stop-over". If by that you mean that you'll spend some hours in the airport between flights, you needn't pay the fee. If, instead, you expect to spend those hours sightseeing, you'll of course go through immigration and will have to pay the fee.
RWS is correct, in other words if you want to walk out of the airport, you pay, if you just stay in the internal, connecting flight area, you don't pay.
Like what was mentioned above, if you're just laying over, there is no fee, but if you step out of the airport, yes, you have to pay...
if you clear immigration/customs you have to pay. If you are staying in transit area there is no fee.. well that was the case for me (Aussie passport) last year.
Do they charge the $130 if you enter by bus?
Has anyone with a permanent residence DNI and a US passport been able to enter without paying the $130?
I entered from Mendoza to Santiago early this year by bus and did not pay the fee.
Unofficially, I've been told that the fee is imposed only upon tourists who fly into Chile. Come by bus, train, car, or ship, and entrance still is free. It's been that way for more than a decade.
Also, if you change planes in Santiago, make sure you have your luggage checked through. Otherwise, you will have to pass through Aduanas and Immigración, which means you have to pay the fee.

The charge only applies for passports of USA, Australia, new Zealand and Canada who have reciprocity issues with Chile.

If you have a DNI as an expatriate, you will not have to pay if you use the DNI.

It only applies to entering Chile at the Santiago airport, not for other aairports or overland trips, and not if you are leaving by the Santiago airport.

The charge is good for the life of your passport.
Mendozanmow, are you sure that you don't have to pay the fee if you have a DNI and are a citizen of the countries you mention, the US etc? I have to use my DNI AND passport to travel to Uruguay.

RWS, Unfortunately there are no trains to Chile any more, just planes, buses and seasonal cruise ships.