China visa from Chinese embassy in BA


Jan 24, 2021
Does anyone have any experience with the Chinese Embassy here? If possible and if it could be done within a reasonable amount of time I'd like to get a visa to enter China.
Yes. Most nationalities apply online these days. But I think tourist and business visas are still not being given due to the pandemic (it is still closed to the world.)

Before it had to be done at the embassy and yes or yes you needed to be a valid DNI holding Argentine resident to apply here. For business visas I remember there being requirements like showing your bank statements, letter of invitation, pay-slips etc. Took about a week and there was an option for a rush visa. Tourism is much easier and probably quicker I understand.
From a timing perspective it would just be much easier if i could get it done here. I'm going to research applying online and then maybe visit the embassy if they are back to processing them.
just curious secretshopper, why would you risk going to china with all thats going there. did some business there in the early 2000,s. have friends in shipping in hong kong leaving for the safety of their family. they have been there over 20 years. 21 day quarantine upon arrival.
if they think you are a spy or dissident, saying anthing negetive about the government, you are put in jail with no bail option and trial is set in a year.