Christmas trip to Ushuaia?


Hi! I'm not really a newcomer to Bs As, but I am to the online community here. :)

I wondered if there might be someone else with no concrete Christmas plans that might want to go to Ushuaia 25/12 - 28/12? Aerolineas Argentina still has flights for a "reasonable" price of $327 (U.S.) round trip. Other than the flights, I would be up for being pretty budget - staying in a hostel, etc.

Ping me here or at if you're interested. I live in Palermo; we could grab a coffee and make some quick plans. ;)



Hey Jen, I am actually going down there over that time frame with my friend from the U.S.A. We are leaving on the 25th and the early morning and staying through new years.

Also, I live in Palermo. You can PM if you want to grab a coffee, I am free all week.