Chromecast In Argentina.


Jan 5, 2010
My friend wants to buy and HDMI television in Garbarino or Rodo for his apartment. Does anyone known if TVs come with chromecast? If not he'll buy one in the States.
Many "smart TVs" have similar functions to chromecast but I'm not aware of one with a built-in chromecast dongle. If nothing substantial changed in the last few years though, the smart-TVs were significantly more expensive compared to their 'dumb' siblings and the built-in apps were often more a marketing gadget instead of an easy to use, stable feature, so just buying a regular one and put a dongle into the HDMI slot was better in terms of features and price.
Smart tv's are/were pretty poor when compared to a chromecast / android dongle / roku / android box etc. Although i've seen some recently announcing new models with what is effectively an android dongle built in.

Argentina tends to be a year or two behind for double the price. Get yourself a nice big dumb lcd and a dongle.
there are several DNLA TVs sold in Argentina, most samsungs are, some sony, rca... cant remember them all. Any 2+ DNLA enabled devices will interface.
I have one that I brought back from the UK and plugged into my Argentine Sony TV. Works great. Especially good for showing pictures on your big TV.

Also a really good idea is to take it on holiday with you as you then plug it into the hotel TV and watch whatever you want through Netflix You Tube etc insted of the cable rubbish Just don't forget to unplug it when you leave!!
We bought a Philips smart tv here a year or so ago. Quite ironic it being called `smart` because it has to think about every button press for a few seconds before springing into action.
Have a chromecast , apple tv and roku around the house on various tvs. Each has it strong and weak points, but overall I like the chromecast which is a steal for the price. Amazon fire stick also looks worthwhile. But as far as tv`s go, like others have said, get a standard lcd and forget the smart options.
By any chance, does anyone have any experience ce with brining a TV to Argentina. I'm assuming they let you take it as cary on luggage. I told my Argentine friend that he'd have to pay major impuestos soon arriving to Ezeiza so he's evaluating the pros and cons of buying it in the States or buying a TV in Buenos Aires.
I have a friend who has brought in various TVs and monitors on the airplane over the last few years. He even brought a recliner once. As long as your friend can fit it on the airplane in whatever fashion, he should be able to bring it in. My friend has never had a problem when paying import duties - at 50% of the value of the item according to the invoice(s) he brought with him to show them what the actual price he paid was. I've heard second-hand stories of people being stuck paying duty on what customs officials decide ought to be the price instead of accepting the invoice value, but nothing verifiable.

The actual import restrictions that the government has put into place are geared to bulk imports, as I understand, not individuals bringing in a reasonable amount of items for personal use. I believe the duties are still 50% of the value of the item being brought in.
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