Citibank branches and atm locations


Moving to Buenos Aries in May from the US. Was going to open a Citibank account in US and use the Argentina branch to pay bills but someone told me that Citibank has sold their Argentina branches. Needless to say, this would put a damper on my idea.
Any truth to the sale? Thanks!

D.B. Cooper

Yes,... It's true. Citibank is no longer working in BA.
I use xoom to transfer $ from my Chase account in NYC.

Don't use the ATM's here. You loose money big time.
I only use in case of emergency.
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A more generic question: If one were preparing to move a quantity of money from a US bank to a bank in BA by wire, which bank(s) would you recommend (Santander Rio, Hsbc, Banco de la Nation, etc.) and why?

Or does it make a difference of any kind? Would the same be true for monthly transmissions?



I assume you don't have a local bank account yet. Do you have a DNI?
DNI - yes, and establishing a local bank account is next step. I'm just wondering if there is any reason to favor one BA bank chain over another (other than the convenience of having a branch close by).


All of the private banks provide similar services. I would inquire re fees vs services if planning to open a checking account which allows you to transfer USD and maintain them as USD in that account. One can as well deposit pesos in same account. Amounts will appear in separate line items in the home banking website.

Then there is the "cuenta universal gratuita" available by law to those who have a DNI and do not intend to open a another bank account in ARG.
It's a no-fee savings account with a VISA debit card accepted by vendors ONLY in ARG. There is no charge for ATM withdrawals. Holder may only deposit pesos up to a max of $18,000 per month. Home banking services are included. It has been reported that some bank branches are not keen on opening this type of account. Apparently it's not a money maker for them. If choosing this route, I prefer to deal with Banco Ciudad.


I think what you need is a combo of savings account in peso, savings account in dollars and a debit card. And every bank has a package like that. Savings account = "caja de ahorro".

Banks are likely to ask you for some form of proof of income when you open an account. Has anybody had a recent experience with that?


Many thanks gracielle and comodoro! I knew BA well 30 years ago but only intermittently since and whenever I think I know how things work today (bank accounts, for example) I am at best half right. I appreciate your direct and clear responses.