Citizenship questions


Hi all,

I’m looking for some advice. Please share with my your tips and things to look out for. So appreciated!!

I’m about to get my DNI. It hasn't arrived yet but they assure me it is in the mail... I’m not Argentine (yet) but I’m married to one. We had a baby and I want to process my papers to get Argentine citizenship.

Can anyone recommend:

1) a good lawyer and about how much do they charge
2) how long does it take to get citizenship once I have my DNI?
3) how much monthly income do I need to show I have and does it have to be from Argentina?

Thanks all!



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2) having child and husband you do not need to wait for the DNI.
3) you do not need to show you are rich, just honest.


Wow I didn’t know that I didn’t have to wait for the DNI.

So in showing that I’m honest, do I need payment slips or anything like that? Thanks
Ok, I can do that. So are they lenient about whether you are working and earning?
If you are claiming citizenship through marriage and/or being the parent of an Argentine citizen it's all supposed to be a lot simpler than for someone who has no blood connection and has to justify their economic value etc. I'm sure there's lots on this site about citizenship via marriage etc but don't get too distracted by examples of people who just want to breeze in for a convenient second-citizenship/regularise their overstay status/firm up their temporary residency etc, etc, etc.


Ok, I can do that. So are they lenient about whether you are working and earning?
You have to show that you're earning an "honest" income that is enough to support you. Honest income, as opposed to legal, en blanco, income. Honest is pretty easy to prove. Basically, if you're not a sicario, drug lord, sex trafficker etc you should be alright.

Wait for the DNI so the process is smoother for you. Otherwise you might come across some paralegals that put up road blocks for you. As for lawyers, sending you a PM.