Clásica y Moderna, once frequented by literary figures, closes

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A major cultural meeting Point. Have attended poetry readings, cafe Concert, Opera Arias solos, violin and chamber music... A great loss..


A half million pesos in back rent. A fundraiser might be possible. But, ultimately, the profits a bookstore like this can make dont match up with current rents.


El Molino closed and much was written about it. Then it fell into extreme disrepair. Years later it was restored (I think the city paid but I am not clear about this or who is owner now). I don't think it has reopneed. Maybe someone can update me on this.



Palermo Soho has been decimated by the economic collapse . I have lived in this area for over 10 years and have never seen so many shops empty and no consumption . The first famous cafe of the neighbourhood on Malabia and Costa Rica Janio has closed its doors after 20 years of business . The realtor is asking 295,000 pesos to rent this . ¨Can someone here explain to me how can a business make money with these exhorbiant costs . When you calculate services, employment costs, food, wastage there would be little change from 800,000 pesos fixed costs a month . To recoup this selling coffees and milanesas is impossible and more so now as so few people are eating out.


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This news is a true loss. What a special and unique place. I hope it’s only temporary.
This news is a true loss. What a special and unique place. I hope it’s only temporary.
I don't hold out any hope that it will be temporary: look what happened to Cafe Richmond. I used to go there from time to time The city had required the new owners to leave some vestiges of the old place so I called in after the conversion to see what they had done. I only did it once for, who wants to go into a retail store to look at some old tables and chairs? It wouldn't surprise me if even that little corner gets swept away - if it hasn't been swept away already. And don't mention Cafe Retiro!