Classical musicians


Mar 18, 2008
Wherever I end up (am still sorting stuff in prep for escape from usa) Life will be sweeter if I have fellow classical musicians to play with for enjoyment and maybe performance. At present this consists of accompanying my students and working with them (me on melodica) on stuff such as this incredibly nice trio:

At present we perform at churche services, weddings, social events -- sometimes for a little folding $.

Are any of you by chance classical players -- or do you personally know any who might conceivably like to jam on some great music by DWEMs? I know Argentina is all about tango but note it has symphony orchestras too.

I just wrote down a interlude from the score to the movie An Affair to Remember. Can't wait to try it with the gang on keyboard, flute(s) and harp. It is a killer -- only about a minute long, but worth the hours it took to transcribe it.