Cleanup day.


Aug 8, 2009
I want to arrange a day to clean up a section of town or a park or something that is a visible eyesore in the city. I am wondering if anyone has attempted something like this before and if so then I have a few questions.
Firstly, does anyone have any suggestions as to a location that could really use a cleanup? I have a few in mind but maybe there are better spots.
What do we do with the trash that we collect? I assume that we would simply leave it on the curb for the collectors. Does anyone foresee any problems with that?
Is anyone interested in doing this? I understand it may well be an exercise in futility here but I believe that one should live as an example for others and that that has a real affect on the people around us. Will anyone come?
That´s all, if you have any input that would be nice.
I can suggest you a location in Recoleta: Ecuador and Mansilla street, omg it looks like a dumpster almost all the time! I don´t think you will have any problems leaving the garbage on the curb, just beware that there is no garbage collection on Saturdays.
I love the idea. Count me in for if and when you organize something.
Great idea! I thought about organizing somthing like that many times... so I would love to help. I'm in.
How about we pick a park that needs a cleanup, I had a lower income section of town in mind but wherever we want to go will be fine. Maybe we should aim for next weekend, Saturday or Sunday (13th or 14th). I would prefer that we bring old used garbage bags instead of buying new ones since we are just throwing them away anyway (and we undoubtedly find bags all over the ground that we could use too). The bags are something I could handle on my own but if you have any feel free to bring them.
There is a little park on Mexico and Juyjuy in Once that could use some help, or maybe a section of Parque Centenario, or Parque Rivedavia, or some other small park. We could clean it up and then sit and enjoy lunch and maté.

Could you describe the location in Recloleta a bit more? is it on the street or is it a green area?

I think all we would need is a few people with gloves, bags, and lunches. Maybe some alcohol hand disinfectant...
Eat lunch before you start working & very careful you don't stick yourselves with anything. Wear long pants & long sleeves, etc.
Okay, I hope this works.
This Sunday the 14th at noon at the little park on the corner of Mexico and Juyjuy in Once. If you come just bring lunch, gloves, water, and maybe bags. I will be there at noon and I will clean the park up, if anyone wants to help that would be wonderful. -Owen
We are having a joint birthday party/going away party at our house Saturday night but I will try my best to wake up on time to help with this! Or just not go to bed...
mini said:
Eat lunch before you start working & very careful you don't stick yourselves with anything. Where long pants & long sleeves, etc.

Don't forget GLOVES!!!!!

This is such a beautiful idea! I wish i could come but i'm not there. Best of luck!
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