Coffee Chat, Tuesday July 18, 5:30-6:30Pm (Alto Palermo)

[background=rgb(252, 252, 252)]COFFEE CHATS ARE BACK AT ALTO PALERMO!

FALL-WINTER SCHEDULE....TUESDAYS from 5:30 - 6:30 pm.
Those in attendance who wish to stay beyond 6:30 pm are welcome to do so.

Come and join English-speaking expats for a lively and informative CHAT.
We gather OUTSIDE Starbucks at one of the public tables.
The location is Arenales 3360, corner of Av. Cnel Diaz, one block from the BULNES station on the subway Line D.

It is a WEEKLY activity and occasionally a NO-HOST event.

REGULAR ATTENDEES, whoever gets there first, PLEASE secure a table.
Consumption at Starbucks and McDonald's is not a requirement. The option is to bring your own beverage.

NEWCOMERS are always welcome! Find answers to many of your questions from expats from different parts of the world

[background=rgb(252, 252, 252)]who reside in Buenos Aires. Meet new people with interests in common. Share travel experiences with the group.

Intermediate to high conversational skills are required to truly partake in the on-going conversations.

WINTER IS HERE. The outdoor heaters will be on. SEE YOU ALL THERE!

P.S. Kindly place your disposable items in the garbage cans before departure.

[background=rgb(252, 252, 252)]The last ones leaving, please make sure the chairs are left in order. Thank you.[/background][background=rgb(252, 252, 252)] [/background]
[background=rgb(252, 252, 252)]The Coffee Chat group looks forward to meeting the Newcomers. [/background][background=rgb(252, 252, 252)]Tomorrow will be a NO-HOST get-together. Meet at one of the tables in the outside public area of Starbucks. [/background][background=rgb(252, 252, 252)]The outdoor heaters will be on. Don't let the polar wave keep you indoors![/background]


[background=rgb(252, 252, 252)]We gather OUTSIDE Starbucks at one of the public tables. [/background]
[background=rgb(252, 252, 252)]I gather the Canucks have taken over the hosting of the Expats Meetings![/background]
[background=rgb(252, 252, 252)]WINTER IS HERE. [/background]
Hell, we noticed!
[background=rgb(252, 252, 252)]The outdoor heaters will be on.[/background]
Pic from the last meeting:
Hello Serafina,
I am a Socially-Aware Robot Assistant. You can call me SARA. I was created to post the Tuesday chat announcement on those occasions when the HOST cannot be present. Hence this Tuesday is a NO-HOST gathering. My Human Creator cheerfully welcomes volunteers to assume the role.....Canucks or not. The Host gets to pick whether to meet inside or outside Starbucks. Cheers
The coffee chat was a bit chilly in the beginning because all the tables near the heaters were occupied.
It was attended by two major league world travelers, Rick & Jerry.
Kudos to Jerry for making it,... having arrived the same day from Madrid? or was it Lisbon... can't remember which.
We moved under the heaters after the noisy teenage crowd had moved away.