Cold Medicine


Oct 18, 2009
Could anyone recommend a good brand of cold medicine? I have nasal congestion and a cough. Any help would be appreciated!
VICK MIEL, GUAIFENESINA, jarabe, expectorante. Or look for BROMHEXINA if you like a more chemical substance.
I like Refrianex Compuesto, kinda strong, but works wonders =)
Clorfeniramina+Bromhexina+Seudoefedrina+Paracetamol. Antigripal. Antifebril
Athos....Extraco de hojas de hiedra desecadas....comes in a yellow box...they also have throat lozenges and a powder form of the liquid expectorant that you put into water. You will need to ask for it at the Pharmacy..kept behind the counter. Think it was around 25 or so pesos...under 30.

Also suggest you take 400mg ibuprofen 3 times a day while taking this...will help knock it out.

I had a nasty Spring cold like yours and it took me a full week and a few days to get over and only started using the Althos and the ibuprofen in the middle of it all.

I have only used the liquid...amazing sure and drink a large glass of water after each dose..I took it 3 times a day.

***stay away from dairy causes more mucus build up....more congestion.

****one other thing I use for very short term congestion is "Dazolin gotas nafazolina 0.1%" made by's for allergies really...but dries up congestion well...a couple of drops...but don't use more than 3 days or so...very cheap....white bottle w/aqua blue print on bottle...believe it comes in a box of same color.
Has anyone found anything similar to night nurse? Haven't managed to find any drowsy cold medecines anywhere, everything seems to be loaded with ephedrine or caffeine.
I´m a Refrianex fan too, and can recommend Qura+ ("cura plus").

But you should do what I never do: ask a doctor!! :D