Coldplay Tickets


Jan 2, 2007
Anyone have any for sale? I'm looking for two - VIP o plateas bajas. I'm happy to pay in cash.

Edited to say - I'm assuming there is still a concert no? I saw on the news yesterday they suspended concerts in River because of noise complaints. Has that been resolved?
I have a friend that just sold a few tickets, I will check to see if he has any more!
Ok, they got back to me instantly! The price for VIP is 1100 pesos per ticket (I have no idea if that is a good price or not...)

Send me a PM if interested and I will put you two in touch!!!
Got tix - so excited! Would up paying 500 to someone for 420 peso tickets - not a horrible markup.

Hopefully it's a great show :)
2guys - what did you think of the concert? I loved it, thought they were great, Chris Martin speaking in Spanish was adorable and loved how chill the entire experience was. So glad I went!!
Citygirl, we had a great time! We were in campo VIP with a good view of the main stage. When they moved to the second small stage (on the left), we were very close by. Definitely one of the best concert's we've been to. The energy from the 63,000+ crowd was amazing!