Colonia/Montevideo trip for students?


Jan 20, 2010
Does anyone know if it is safe for a student to try the Colonia/Montevideo trip to get a tourist visa renewal? I am just about to send my passport to Argentina's consulate in Canada to get my student visa for the 6 months, but I'm concerned that I might not get it back in time before I have to leave in June. This is why I was thinking maybe I could just study for the three months, then halfway through my semester take a trip to Uruguay and get my tourist visa renewed for the last three months.

Would I not be allowed to study there if they found out that I was on a renewed tourist visa? I'm not sure how strict they would be about students, but I don't want to spend all the money for tuition, etc., and end up getting deported in the middle of the semester!!


I would recommend you do not worry at all, it's definitely not strict (and it would be even less for students I guess).
French jurist said:

I would recommend you do not worry at all, it's definitely not strict (and it would be even less for students I guess).

All right, thanks French.

This has just been one of the most frustrating processes I have ever gone through, I don't know why they make it so difficult to get a student visa.

For the criminal record I have to fill out an application at the police, then send it to Ottawa which takes 5 weeks, then get it back here and get it officially translated by a notary.

Then my birth certificate needs to be legally translated and then sent to the Argentine Consulate in Ottawa which also takes 3-5 weeks.

Then the school wants a letter of intent, 2 reference letters, transcript, and some weird photo size.

Then I have to wait for a request for an entry permit from the University, then apply to Ottawa AGAIN with some more strange pictures sizes, send the translated criminal record and birth certificate, prove I have financial backing, and then pay some random consular fee. Who knows how long this will take - another 5 weeks?

I am not applying for a citizenship, this process has been completely ridiculous. I don't even think I will be through the process in time for classes at the end of June, and so I won't even be able to go now. Someone would have to start this thing five, six months in advance, it is ridiculous. I try not to make comparisons to other countries, but the last two times I studies/worked in Europe and in Asia I sent a small fee and my school documents and got my visa's within maybe a month. It's their country, and Argentina has the right to make their own rules, who do they think they are?

End rant.
This kind of things happens in a lot of countries.
The "strange" photo size could be normal here.