Anyone here left Argentina at one point and actually missed the damn place so much to actually go back? I found myself just missing and wondering what was happening down there, what were my friends doing and I realised I had a better time there than in my hometown. I just asked for my transfer back... let's see if I can get there in a year or so.

Any experiences, things you'd do differently the second time around and so... please, no "escape while you can" sort of comments!


Well, congrats for your bravery to post this. I am actually in my hometown for the first time after 13 months and I started wondering why I even moved to Buenos Aires in the first place and if the tradeoff is worth it, especially now with the dollar which has been kept so low.

I hope you will accomplish what you are looking for!


For now, I'm content with getting paid in a currency that is not the Argentine peso and returning for a month or so several times per year.

Depending what happens in November and the short term fallout, I might try to move back permanently mid-late 2016.


I lived there several times. What would I do dfferently? Think twice about starting a business that involved unions and try to find a job in my home country in its currency that I could do while living in Argentina.

Cecil Fox Palmer

I've got a Mexican friend who came back after spending some months in Germany and Mexico. Before he had been living here for 5 years and was stuck in a crummy data entry job. He worked in Germany but he said it wasn't his thing and broke up with his German girlfriend. He can't find a job in Buenos Aires but he and his new girlfriend seem to really think that politics here, when compared to Mexico, are great. He has a very positive attitude towards this country, so all the power to him.

I don't know if I would come back after I leave. I like it here but I think I can find better.


happens to me about twice a year.
But I am a yo-yo- I cycle back and forth, and find myself constantly missing which ever country I am not in at the time, and yet enjoying the benefits of where ever I am.

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I thought this was about witty comebacks :D .... my husband always gets me with the "que pintor?" joke.

I think Argentina is a lot more enjoyable when you have the chance to "escape" for a while and miss it. :) I appreciate the more laid-back lifestyle I have here and have learned to become more flexible and appreciate the small things that make life good. If you miss it, it means you were doing things right.


That's exactly the point here. I came back home because I found myself missing my hometown for whatever reasons and complaining about everything in Argentina (mostly trivial stuff like the horrible napkins and lack of spicy food).

I was always like: in Mexico I can buy whatever I want, import/export things, order from the web, pay with whichever currency I can think of, and no one will charge me extra 35%. But in the end, I'm back here and I'm not even doing any of those things.
I missed mexican food, and as soon as I got back here I decided to become a bodybuilder and stopped eating all those things altogether.
I was also like: I miss strolling around La Condesa or Polanco, and now I'm here and never do that. Everything is oh so far away and I need to use my car (which I hate), and frankly I like Recoleta and Palermo better (they're livlier, there's peaple in the street all the time as opposed to as in their cars).
I think I "matched" better with the lifestyle in Argentina than in Mexico... I have friends that have the opposite opinion. They love using their cars for everything, when going out they love paying hefty fees for getting a table and a waiter serving them drinks all night long (me, I prefer to go to the bar and buy my beer or my cocktail myself). They love that they can buy stuff from reknown brands (Armani, Hugo Boss and the likes) which for me isnt' really important.
For going out, everyone here is super busy. You can't call someone and say: hey, let's go see a movie or grab a cup of coffe. They'll always replay: no, I can't... I already have plans but what are you doing on Sunday August 25th? I can squeeze you in between dinner with my in-laws and my relaxing spa massage thing. I've always been bad at making friends but it's become impossible from me here (whilst in Argentina I was always surrounded by friends).

And then there's the subject of love... my significant other lives in BA, so my decision was pretty much logical.

Sorry for the rant!


In 1990,after living in Argentina for 11 years hyperinlation forced my return to the U.S...I came back in '92 with the "one to one" and have been here ever since.There were certain cultural Argentine things ( but nothing econmic) that I had learned to really enjoy that I did miss."el cafecito o mate con los amigos","el cichoneo" (como decia el Gordo Porcel) or the friendly porteño banter and the relaxed life style.However,the "viveza criolla" -,the creole one upmanship etc. was not one of them.Unfortunately none of the aforementioned help to "hacer patria" or to build a country's economy.Hopefully,this Oct Argentines will see this as a real priority.