Congratulations to Juan Martin Del Potro & Argentina!


May 5, 2008
I've been following this guy fairly closely since last year (about 14 to 16 months) and I have to say that I was really excited to see him win the US Open. Despite my handle, the championship at Roland Garros does not crown my country's champion. No, the championship in New Wave-ay Shork is my country's champeeenship.

It was nice to see crowds standing outside of restaurants & cafes watching the 4th & 5th sets. Even the TVs in the kioskos and all three TVs at my gym were tuned to tennis instead of soccer/futbol.

It was neat to pass a paper collection truck and here one person tell someone else "el ganó seis a dos". I'm happy for Argentina.

Ojalá Diego decides to step down from the national team DT and Del Potro's coach takes over the national team. ;)
Great win for Del Potro - and it's been obvious to anyone following the game that he was on the way to the top. His power is awesome, and the future of tennis is in good hands with Nadal, Murray, Del P, and the great Federer - Not to mention Djorkovic and others -

A healthy state for the game, and with Del P, a great future for Argentine Tennis too...
He really achieved a lot in defeating Nadal and Feder. But not only that he comes across as a real class act that is an attribute to his family and his country.