Considering Move to BA


Sep 22, 2005
My wife and I are REALTORS in the US and are considering retiring and moving to BA sometime in the next couple of years. We're in our late 30s. We don't have a lot of retirement income, but it seems to be enough to "get by" on. But my wife, at least, would probably want to work. She's an artist and used to do that for a living in Germany...where she was born and raised.

I'm looking for info on purchasing and/or renting apartments and small houses in BA. Not the stuff you see all over the Internet for short-term, furnished rentals. We're talking about a permanent home.

I'm also interested in everyone's take on the job market for American Expats. We speak very little Spanish now, but will both learn. And we're both multi-lingual. Can we get approved to work? Can we find jobs? What can we expect to earn? Is there a good market for artists in BA? What about in other provinces?

Please respond with info on other provinces too. We haven't actually settled on BA yet. We're also looking at Patagonia and Cordoba.