Constancia De Alta Temprana Afip


Apr 9, 2017
Hi there! So, being overly happy after I got my DNI process done (or to the phase "certificado de recidencia precaria") and migraciones people told me something that I should come back there to present "constancia de alta temprana" within 30 days but because of that happiness feeling I totally cannot remember what is that document and where and how to get it they told me about. As I am applying for working permit it must be something to do with that, and googling that leads to AFIP pages of "trabajar blanco" so it must be for working permit.

Does anyone know what is this document and where and how to obtain it? I already asked that both at my coming work place (didn't know) and some of my Argentinian friends (no clue, also they tried to google it hard but no success). I am getting really lost here and I would like to get this done properly and not to mess this process at this stage.. So I was wondering if I should apply for CUIL but since this is a ANSES thing, maybe not, since that document I need is admitted by AFIP.. and as said, I don't want to mess this up by doing something wrong and having to wait ages to correct the mistakes so if anyone knows anything and can help, I would be very grateful!

Thank you all in advance!