Consumer Protection Agency for consumer purchases


maybe, but good luck finding any contact for customer service with them. there are no numbers to call or anything, you can only complain about things through their online help menus and wait for responses.


Originally I saw a posting on MercadoLibre for the electric oven. However, when I tried to purchase it, it failed, so I contacted them through their company's website. That is when they said I couldn't buy it through MercadoLibre, I had to pay them directly. At the time I wasn't thinking about the security and safety of buying it through MercadoLibre, I was buying two new items, what could go wrong? So my order is still in MercadoLibre, but it was cancelled by me. I'm wondering if I can still contact MercadoLibre with this story and see if they can do anything about it as Tysan2 still has lots of advertisements there.
Even if you completed the purchase using Mercado Libre and paid by Mercado Pago, you would have only had 30 days after the item was delivered to make a claim, so they won't do anything now. And, since you cancellled the purchase and bought the item outside of ML, they never would have done anything in the first 30 days.

You can try, as Nikad suggested, to make a denuncia of their current listings and post the link to your cancelled purchase. They might at least read the messages that show the seller would not accept the purchase by Mercado Libre or payment by Mercado Pago (which you could also copy and paste) in your denuncia. If they investigate the seller's history and find cancellations of many other transactions after the seller asked for payment by bank transfer, they might even ban him.

PS: The seller will not be able to find out who made the denuncia, so you won't have to worry about that.
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You might post your story as a question in one of Tysan 2 listings, to warn other buyers.
The seller will just delete the question without answerng it and block the member form asking others.

To pmacay:

If you send me a link (in a private message) to one of Tysan 2's current listings, I will ask them the same question I ask many sellers, even if they indicate they accept mercado pago in the listing:

"Puedo pagar por mercado pago y puedes realizar el envio por mercado envios como publicada?"

If they tell me in some kind of cryptic message that I must pay by bank transfer, I will copy and paste their answer in a denuncia and tell ML why I asked the question in the first place (to see if they would incriminate themselves).

ML hates sellers who do this and loves to weed them out.