Cool phone app for tourism in Buenos Aires


Jul 18, 2009
Hello Group,

I picked up a house guest at Jorge Newbery Aeroparque and while waiting for him to arrive I noticed a tourism information booth. I picked up a great fee map of the city (should have taken 2) for our guest and I noticed printed on the map a free phone app for BA tourism

Search for: “BA Turismo”

The app was very handy to find things to do while our guest was here, check addresses and get directions. Of course being winter, some of the times that museums were open were inaccurate so you might call ahead.

Always wanted to visit the “Museo de Armas de la Nacion” on Sante Fe 702 and Maipu. It was 5x better then I expected and only 60 pesos (app says it’s free) The Rose Gardens in Palermo are surprisingly still in bloom this time of year, the cute and interesting Museo Sivori was closed on Wed (app says its closed on Mondays), Malba is only 60 pesos to get in, what a bargain! Never heard of Galaria Guemes 14th floor observation deck on Florida 165, the app gives morning and afternoon hours to visit the observation deck but I guess in winter it’s only in the afternoon so we missed seeing if it was worth the visit, the lobby ground floor is cool enough to walk around in though. Tren de la Costa is still running (an Argentine friend told me to check if it was closed down) and gives a 50% discount off tickets to residents with DNI but full fair is only 20 pesos! Train ride back from Tigre to Retiro is only 20 pesos.


Pete & Ron