Cordoba or Mendoza - which one to visit?


Jan 8, 2010
We are going to Buenos Aires February 25 to see if we'd like to move there from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am thinking of checking out Cordoba or Mendoza also. But I only have time to check out one or the other. We haven't yet made any travel arrangements for these cities but I did read the posts on the buses.

Any thoughts on which one might offer a better, lower cost of living, better schools (compared to Buenos Aires).

We are going to make a short trip to Montevideo also.

At this time, Argentina's cost of living is about a third lower than Uruguay.
Thanks. Any thoughts on visiting Cordoba or Mendoza if I wanted to check out these cities in case we want another option instead of Buenos Aires?
Just came back from Mendoza which is certainly cheaper (and a lot drier) than Buenos Aires. Would say accomodation rental costs are around 30% lower and prices in cafés etc. maybe 20% lower. That's all I can help with ...
Definitely Mendoza! Cordoba's surroundings are quite nice, but Mendoza is unforgettable.