Sep 22, 2007
My husband and I are considering flying from BA to Cordoba for 3 nights. Any suggestions of inexpensive hotels...we only need a place to sleep since we will be out most of the time?
Any suggestions of what we really should see in this short span of time?

I read the buses are very good but I don't know if my husband could take such a long trip.

Mucho gracias.
I have two friends who regularly bus it to Cordoba. They swear by the service and say that they sleep all the way (I suspect that there is more room than your average budget flight).
I am sorry I cannot offer more details at this moment, they are happily in comunicado (on honeymoon), but if they get intouch soon I will ask them to send some information.
Stella said:
I read the buses are very good but I don't know if my husband could take such a long trip.

The trip should take between about nine and eleven hours by bus. A full 'Cama' service from a good company would offer seating and legroom and comfort that in my opinion is better than airline business class. Given the choice I would go with Andesmar but there are many other good companies too.

If you decide to fly, I'd strongly advise you to see what sort of deals your travel agent back home can offer if you book your flights to Cordoba in advance. There is a two-tier pricing structure in Argentina for internal flights and bona fide residents get the best prices. Your travel agent will be able to tell you whether you can get better prices on internal flights by tying them in with your international flights.
Another good bus line is called "El Practico" and reserve the "suite" category, the seats completely recline like a bed. They are very reliable, however the dinner is just a snack. However since the buses leave around 10:30 at night for Córdoba, you should probably eat before. Some very nice hotels in the center of Córdoba are "Córdoba Park" and "Hotel de la Cañada". Enjoy your trip!
I have taken two round trips on the train which runs from Retiro station in BA to Cordoba. It is very inexpensive and the train is pleasant. There are several classes of service. I would recommend that you travel in a sleeping car ("dormitorio"), a private compartment with upper and lower berth, fresh sheets and blankets, wash basin, closet, bottled water and a packet of toilet articles. Breakfast is included in the price. Dinner is served in the dining-car. Nothing special but edible. The staff are all young and generally good natured and helpful. There is twice weekly service. I have taken the Friday departure from BA and returned on the Sunday train. Travel time is longer than the bus however the trip is in itself fun if you travel in the sleeping-car. The company's name is FERROCENTRAL. Most Argentines will tell you that the trains are very bad here and to take the bus. In general they are right however this company is the exception to the rule. The website is
If you have time, also take the Tren de las Sierras which runs from another station in Cordoba to Cosquin in the hills of Cordoba. It's a recently refurbished train, a real delight, brought over from Portugal. Try to buy your tickets in advance as the little train fills up. It takes about two hours and will give you a splendid bird's eye view of the countryside. At the end of the line you can return by bus as the return train schedule may not be convenient. The bus station is across the street from the impeccable train station.

Thank you so much for the information especially about the Tren de Las Sierras.

I especially appreciate the information on the hotels. I will check both of them out. My husband is considering a rental car so that we might stop in various spots along the way.


Thank you so much for the information. I will check out a travel agent here to see about the prices and also we are considering a rental car. Are some rental places better than others?


Thank you for the bus information. We are also considering a car rental. Are there some rental places better than others?