corn tortillas FOUND!


Jul 15, 2008
El Salto de las Ranas on Rodriguez Peña 1164 in Recoleta sells their corn tortillas by the dozen. They're good.
When you go to Rodriguez Peña 1164, go across the street to the odd numbered buildings and you´ll find El Salto de las Ranas. (There is no 1164 RP).
Rodriguez Peña, about a half a block off of Santa Fe.

One of the few places in Argentina that has reasonable Mexican food. Still no where near what I'm used to being from Texas (and I'm talking not just Tex/Mex but real Mexican food), but at least it's not a burned flour tortilla wrapped around some dried meat with little spice and limp, sparse veggies.

There's a taco stand in Palermo:

They have real corn tortillas and the food is even better, though only tacos and burritos mostly (with the usual appetizers). It's run by a Mexican family.

Sort of a hole in the wall place (but not ugly or bad, just "comun"), with an open area out back complete with a nice little bar and open sky.

They have hot sauces on the table labeleld "Caliente", "Mediano" and "Argentino". :)
well i guess everybody knows about california burrito company... they have one in downtown , palermo godoy cruz y honduars.. and belgrano also... well it is a good burrito when you have the craving!!!!
californiaburrito is more like texmex/calimex and a bit pricy, but good taste!
Actually, I thought CBC was like those McDonald's places in the States - Chipotles. Big-ass burritos stuffed with different things, but certainly not Tex/Mex, although it has Tex/Mex origins. I think those big burritos are more of a California thing. And not disparaging that type of food one bit - I love Chipotles, although I haven't had one in almost two years!!!

I haven't tried CBC yet, but I went in there once. We had an expat dinner and we all entered, but the guys I were with couldn't stand the idea of eating in the place - there were no waiters! fast food! Ugh! they said. I was disappointed but one day will try it.

We went around the corner to La Fabrica del Taco (place I mentioned below) instead.

I doubt they have corn tortillas, though, at the CBC.
Thats what I meant ElQueso. It is fast food, but most ingridients are fresh.
Well "Fred Mertz" you're probably right. I just did a cut/paste directly from the Guia Oleo listing for the address, and I didn't think to double check when I was there this morning. But above all, thanks as ever for your juvenile and useless sarcasm.

As for everyone else, I picked up the tortillas this morning. They were freshly made and cost 1 peso each. The quality was great, and they told me you can call in advance for any quantity. This is the phone number: 4811-2635 I used this morning to call.
You can purchase corn tortillas from "Itacate Productos Mexicanos". E-mail
[email protected] and ask for the list of available products. I usually get corn tortillas and tomatillos (green tomatoes for the green sauce/salsa) from them. Another option is to bring some Maseca (corn flour for tortillas) and a tortilla press back from the US (this is what I usually do).