Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

When will Argentina see its first Corona Virus case?

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    Votes: 5 18.5%
  • This month (January)

    Votes: 1 3.7%
  • After January

    Votes: 14 51.9%
  • Never

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Most of the Chino Supermarket employees hail from Fujian province. As you can see from this map, Fujian province is almost surrounded by the hardest hit provinces (province across from Taiwan).
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Most of the Chino Supermarket employees hail from Fujian province. As you can see from this map, Fujian province is almost surrounded by the hardest hit provinces (province across from Taiwan).
This is the first really stupid post I have seen on this board. It is pure fear mongering. Almost racist. (next will the author will suggest an internment camp for the chineses employees?)
I can't say if NeoWonk"s claim that "Most of the Chino Supermarket employees hail from Fujian province." is accurate.

Assuming they are and assuming that Fujian Province really is "almost surrounded by the hardest hit provinces (province across from Taiwan),"

his/her post contains two assertions regarding demographics, neither of which contain any kind of claim or assertion that any negative assumption be made or any negative actions be taken against the Chino Supermarket employees in Argentina who are immigrants from Fujian Province.

There was nothing whatsoever in NeoWonk's post to warrant the sarcastic shaming in the follow up post.

To call the original post fear mongering is one of the most illogical things I have read on this board in the past 13.5 years..

It is just as logical to assume that he/she and those of us who shop in the Chinos (that's what the owner of the two Chinos near me calls his stores) would want to extend to them our personal wishes for the health and well being of the (Chinese) family members they still have living in China.

PS: There is nothing racist (at least not in a negative sense) about noting that people who live in China are Chinese or that some people living in Argentina are related to them and, hence are also Chinese.
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The reference to Fujian Province was sourced from Wikipedia article on Chinese Argentines with footnotes to the Buenos Aires Herald and what looks like an academic paper, i.e. not just a random Wikipedia entry.

The third wave came in the 1990s, hailing mostly from China, mostly from the less developed province of Fujian.[4] This group is filled with young drifters who came often through the illegal smuggling route originating in China's Fujian Province.[5]

Nowadays folks without any debate skills always throw out the 'racist' accusation when their lame arguments are easily refuted. Sadly most millennials that are indoctrinated in university with group-think platitudes are totally unprepared to debate an issue on the merits. I don't blame them, I blame the schools. Many of these folks are sadly lacking self-esteem and retreat to politically correct platitudes to curry favor with the group or maybe even snag a woke girlfriend. Most of these folks end up as incels...


It is the people who are NOW from Wuhan can be potentially infected. It has nothing to do with where the Chinos are from. If they are here before Dec 2019, there is nothing to worry. The flights to and from Wuhan have been shut down. Argentina will be last place on the planet to get infected. It's more important to have a good meal and get laid today than worrying about that :)


Here's a youtube video which provides some perspective about what's happened in China:

PS: Styxhexenhammer666 is one of three channels I listen to on a daily basis. The other two are H. A. Goodman (Bernie Sander's biggest booster on the internet until the Democrat National Convention in 2016) and BCP (aka Black Conservative Patriot).


The sad part of folks casually throwing out the racist accusation is that it causes people to ignore real instances of racism. We've become desensitized to the word 'racism' because ignorant people use it as a way to end debate.


Sadly in reality when you put Mate in the mix and the so far estimated 14 day incubation period. A few infected folks in Argentina and some Mate could bring Argentina to its knees in a matter of 2 months I would estimate. In BA and South America, it would be compounded as Mate would prove to be a huge catalyst a perfect storm so to say. Just my thoughts.