correo compras


Correo Argentino is launching its own marketplace, that they expect to compete with ML. i wonder how long it takes before this venture crashes. i mean, they are advertising 3 business day delivery in CABA but on ML i can get lots of items delivered next day. where is the incentive to buy with this new platform?? "pride" in supporting SMEs or argentine businesses (which are the only ones allowed to sell on here)

i guess i can give them props for attempting to innovate, but how about focusing on providing decent basic services first?


See? Everyone wants to (and can) invest in Argentina as long as you’re the state! Boom times.

Government AUG20: We have a free and competitive economy.
Government OCT20: Now we will compete directly with our most successful company, Mercado Libre.
Government NOV20: Our company is costing us more to operate than we thought, time to put roadblocks infront of MercadoLibre and squeeze them out of the market so we can keep our venture viable.
Government DEC20: Online sales platforms are banned. Take a turno and go get your rashions from a state owned shop.