Counseling/Cross-culture services


Jan 18, 2007
baexpats (y'all),
My name is Robert B. Johnson - Bob. I am a psychologist in private practaice and have also worked around the issues of expatriate assignments and cross cultural living for a number of years with large organizations. I will be in Buenos Aires March 28-April 8 and then plan to spend some time with our son Stephen and his Argentine spouse who live in Puerto Piramides in Patagonia.
I would like to take advantage of the transition experience many of you have in regards to work permits, licensure to deliver professional services, purchasing an apartment for living and locating office space for private practice. I have appointments regarding my potential work in Bs As but would like to spend time with any of you as expats willing to share your experience.
This is clearly a quality of life choice for us. I love the work I do and look forward to sharing my experience in Bs As. We look forward to improving our spanish through living in the environment and, of course, we are looking forward to being closer to our son and his spouse. My wife and I plan to move to Buenos Aires within the next few months depending on the hurdles we will have to cross.
I plan to get a local chip in my cell phone when I arrive so I will be available by local phone in Bs As but for now my current phone in Utah is 1-801-949-9554. My e-mail address is [email protected].
I look forward to hearing from any or all y'all (10 years in Houston helped me acquire that wonderfully useful word).
Robert B. Johnson Ed.D., CEAP
SOS Consultants
3434 Brookview Lane
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
[email protected]