Oct 24, 2009
I know for most of us Expats living in Buenos Aires things can seem a bit out of sorts. Some of us are lost and confused and dont know what the next step to take in life should be here in BA, living in another country can be tuff especially when the language barrier comes into play. I provide a private Counseling service to help some of you to figure out that ever so confusing direction you are headed and also will help you with any other personl issues you may be coping with living so far away from home. I am great with helping people find direction and show you the necessary skills to grow as a human and find strenght and comfort within yourself.

Alittle bit about me, I am a Psychology and Sociology Grad attending My master's in Clinical Psychology. I have previously worked with Autistic Children and Mediation.
Looking forward to speaking with you.
Please contact me by email at [email protected]