Crime in BsAs - anyone?

In Buenos Aíres, have you personally been the victim of:

  • Pickpocketing

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Burglary

    Votes: 54 43.9%
  • Theft

    Votes: 14 11.4%
  • Armed robbery

    Votes: 45 36.6%
  • Robbery, no arms visible, threats/intimidation only

    Votes: 26 21.1%
  • Stabbing

    Votes: 23 18.7%
  • Shooting

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • Other crime

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • I have not personally been a victim of a crime in BsAs

    Votes: 28 22.8%

  • Total voters


Jul 18, 2009
Quite a number of threads concern crime in Buenos Aíres - a member has been the victim or knows someone who has been.

Given the number of members it is possible to get a realistic statistics of the subsection of society, which frequent baExpats.

Please respond from your own personal experience and not governed by your knowledge of others having been the victims of crime in BsAs.

Why? If seven other persons were present when your pocket was picked, we run the risk of counting eight instead of one; if your coat was stolen at an expat dinner, then perhaps 32 for 1.

Before you answer, please read all the definitions carefully. You may find some crimes missing, if so please indicate this in a post, but be aware that the number of options in a poll is limited to 10.


Personally: You. Does not include your spouse, girl-/boy-friend, children, parents, etc.

Pickpocketing: to steal valuables from a person without their noticing the theft at the time.

Burglary: entry into a building for the purposes of committing the crime of theft.

Theft: the illegal taking of another person's property, i.e. without that person's freely-given consent.

Armed robbery: seizing property through violence or demonstrated threat of violence by showing a weapon.

Robbery: seizing property through intimidation and/or threat, no arms visible.

Stabbing: the penetration of any body part using a sharp or pointed object at close range.

Shooting: the penetration of any body part by a projectile from a firearm.
I know, its not REALLY ME- but my wife was the victim of anti-theft last year- that is, the opposite of theft.
She dropped her wallet out of the pocket of her jacket, getting out of a taxi, in front of BA Design on Liberatador.

That afternoon, right before she was going to cancel credit cards, she gets an email, from a woman who found her wallet, and wanted to give it back.
We got it back that evening- completely intact. Including cash.
Although we bought the woman a bouquet of flowers, she absolutely refused anything else, even 50 pesos for dinner.
ReemsterCARP said:
When talking about Buenos Aires, do you mean CF or Provincia or both?
Capital - BA in BAexpats is capital.
I voted no on this poll, and then remembered that I was, in fact, burglarized in an apartment in Recoleta about 5 years ago!
I guess I didn't want to remember it!

captdave said:
I voted no on this poll, and then remembered that I was, in fact, burglarized in an apartment in Recoleta about 5 years ago!
I guess I didn't want to remember it!

Will count: burglary, apartment, performed to perfection, +1, when we close the count.
Does attempted robbery count?
Many, many times, they have tried to steal from the back pocket of my wifes backpack, only to find tissues. Once we were done with the bird poop scam, and again they failed.
I guess they are reading this board for ideas, but are not as bright as they like to thimk they are.:D
I've been a rather unlucky one so far in my 2 years living here in BA: I've been a victim of theft (my purse stolen without my noticing at a bar), unarmed robbery, and armed robbery. So that's 3 just for me.