Cueva Shootout in Vicente Lopez, One Dead

Cronica TV reports a shoot out in a Cueva $$ in Vicente Lopez , one employee shot dead, 4 assailants escaped... Stay tuned:rolleyes:
From Cronica

A cabo of the Buenos Aires Police was assassinated by at least one bullet by delinquents who assaulted a financiera of the locality of Florida, party of Vicente Lopez.

After the killing, three of the assailants were arrested and it was determined that two of them had been exonerated from the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) in 2009 and 2012, the spokesmen added.

The event occurred on Tuesday, around 15, on Maipú Avenue and San Martín, in that town in the northern area of the conurbano. Police sources reported that it all started when a group of four armed criminals assaulted a financiera/cueva. Three of the Gunmen were captured with US$40,000 and thousands of pesos.
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The owner of the Cueva mentioned that the shot-dead policemen was a personal friend who came by for coffee occasionally..? the neighbors mentioned that the plainclothesman police spent many hours outside the cueva as a guard...? What do you make out of it?? :rolleyes:

Is the cueva owner liable in some way, for the death of his hired guard..?