Custome made (pirate)boots? And hat/belts?


Jul 27, 2009
For quite a while I've been working on a Jack Sparrow costume for my boyfriend. It's turning out really well, but I'm finding two pieces very difficult to make or buy cheap: the pirate boots and the leather hat.

The leather doesn't really need to be excellent quality, as it is after all just a costume (and I'm going to have to ruff them up quite a bit), but the boots should be of ok quality and comfortable to walk in. So: does anybody know a place where I could get costume boots made? And aprox how much do you think it will cost me?

The "original" boots cost 400 USD, and you can see them here:

I'm guessing a leather tricorn is going to be harder to find/get made: but it looks like this:

And yes: I'm interested in customs belt (and baldric..hehe) as well. I have got those items, but feel they could be better. I'm turning into such a perfectionist on this project. It really is disturbing!
Try a costume store. used stage wardrobe items.