Customer Service Position - Seeking Portuguese and German Speakers


Nov 9, 2007
Our growing internet company is looking for customer service
professionals to respond to emails and moderate posts and comments from our
offices located in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires.

We are seeking candidates with native understanding of:
  • Portuguese (of Portugal) or
  • German (of Switzerland)


  • Age: Between 18 And 30 Years Old

  • Should Be Able To Speak And Write English or Spanish Fluently (in addition to native Portuguese or German)

  • Strong Internet Skills

  • Responsible, Open To Learning New Things

  • Reply To Emails From Users in Your Native Language

  • Quality Control Of The Ads That Users Post In Our Website

This Is A Full Time Position

If interested, you can send your resume (cv) to michael @
"Age: Between 18 And 30 Years Old"
Isn't this discrimination?
"Bill" said:
"Age: Between 18 And 30 Years Old"
Isn't this discrimination?
Bill -I'm from the US and I know that back home no one would think of putting this in a hiring ad, however, here it's a different story.If you look through any of the local newspapers you will see that nearly every job lists an age requirement, as well as sex and other requirements that aren't used back where I come from.Inasmuch as it is standard practice, I don't consider that it is discrimination at all, even though it is new for me.

Update: We are still seeking a native German speaker, you can send your resume (cv) to michael (at) olx.comThe position for a Portuguese customer service specialist has been filled.Thanks to all who replied.Michael Jablecki
Hi maddo, are you still looking for a German speaker? Am Swiss and speak both fluently, Swiss and High German (and Portuguese too...). Is there any part time job available? Pls let me know.
I still think its blatant discrimination. Just because its regular practice in another country doesn't mean its not a discrimintatory action. Why can't someone older perform the same job? It amazes me that you're from the US and think this way. The INADI and the Ministerio del Trabajo are working on making these actions illegal, so i really hope this law pushes through.