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Oct 9, 2009
Hi everyone! I just graduated and moved back down to this wonderful city for a while.
I came with two job opportunities and unfortunately none of them worked out. I have my TEFL certificate and teaching experience to look for teaching positions. I was wondering if there is an advantage in getting jobs if one makes a CV similar to argentina (I heard that this requires more personal information like photo, height, birthday etc). As well, I can not find a good example anywhere.

If anyone has any tips on teaching english, or I came down here with the idea of paid internship/ work for experience please let me know. I would love to meet for maté.

Hi Krissy,

I reccommend looking for jobs on and also the classified ads at You can always look for private students as well. I did send out a more Argentine CV, but I didn't include my height or a photo. If you want I can send you a copy of my CV as an example. I never had any problems with my CV (I mean, no one asked me for more specific details).

I'd be happy to meet up sometime if you want. Suerte! is good too.
About the CV. I dont know height, but make sure you include:
fullname, nationality, date of birth, if you have papers to work here include that info.
Education and work experience, list your different responsibilites and what you can do. I wouldnt include hobbies or personal interests.
A good "carta de presentación" is also important, I usually include my proffessional objective.
Last, but not least, I try to do something to make my CV memorable. For example the Layout or I include quotes related to Literature (cause it's my main field)
Hope it is useful
i will meet for mate anytime you want. i am working towards my english teacher certification, i am sure we will have a nice chat
[email protected]

p.s. i have been asked all kinds of annoying personal questions in job interviews. they range from who did i leave with, marital status and everything about my child....
Hi Krissy, welcome to BA...drop me a line and we,ll arrange (not MATE-horrible stuff)!!! a coffee or whatever and I,ll help you get started here,,p.s you are not obliged to of course,but if I can help you, I will,all the best ,Howard(San isidro)

[email protected]
Hey krissy! For teaching English it really doesn't matter - an American style resume should be fine. I sent out a resume entirely in English, without personal details, but yes details on my education and relevant experience, and I was called for many an interview (in the teaching English field, of course). In fact, me and the other English teachers I knew used to make fun that WE were interviewing the INSTITUTE, because we would always be offered classes but would usually turn them down due to bad pay or work conditions haha.

I've worked for 2 years here as an English teacher, and I'd love to meet up for mate if you'd like to chat about it! My email's [email protected]
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