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Jul 17, 2009
Saturday, 09 April 2016

Prosecutor Requests Ex-President be Investigated for Money Laundering[The Argentina Independent]
The businessman is accused of laundering at least US$5m through his company Austral Construcciones, which was created in 2003 and won a number of state contracts for public works during the presidencies of Néstor and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. According to the prosecution, money obtained through fiscal fraud was filtered through SGI Argentina, a financial consultancy firm in Puerto Madero known commonly as “La Rosadita”.

First Same Sex Marriage To Be Held In An Argentine Synagogue This Month[The Bubble]
In Argentina, the NCI assembly voted unanimously to allow the same sex couple to have their ceremony performed in a Jewish religious setting, citing the decisions from the 2006 Committee on Jewish Law and Standards of the Conservative movement’s Rabbinical Assembly which asserted that the love and commitment between two members of the same sex should also be recognized.

Friday, 08 April 2016

Study: 100 Percent Of Women In Buenos Aires Have Experienced Street Harassment[The Bubble]
Other findings that will again come as no shock to the women of Argentina and the world are as follows: half the participants reported being subjected to sexually explicit comments, 59 percent reported obscene gestures, 47 percent had been followed by a man and 37 percent reported having a man’s genitalia exposed to them unasked. Horrifying, but I’m not finished: 87 percent reported avoiding dark or deserted streets, 63 percent won’t walk in certain areas unaccompanied and 51 percent dress in ...

How To Museum Like A Boss: A Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Buenos Aires’ Art Institutions[The Bubble]
MAMBA. Originally thought to last until February, it has been extended through May. Just in case you live in a Ziploc bag, let us go over it one more time. This insane exhibit is made up of a labyrinthic structure that takes you around eleven different scenarios one more trippy than the next. Dealing with a wide spectrum of artistic languages, it is not apt for people with claustrophobia or people suffering from heart disease. Which should give you a pretty good idea of what kind of an exhibit ...

Macri Submits Himself To Judicial Examination To ‘Clear His Name’ In Panama Papers[The Bubble]
Since the story broke last weekend, Macri and his administration have denied any wrongdoing: because he allegedly didn’t make any money off the companies listed in the Panama Papers, he is not legally required to mention the companies in his tax statements, they say. However, many are skeptical of his purported innocence, and many others denounce what they see as a breach in ethics.

Thursday, 07 April 2016

It’s All Too Much: Paul McCartney To Perform In Argentina[The Bubble]
s back for the third time as part of his One On One Tour for a performance in Córdoba on 15th May and two in La Plata on 17th and 19th May. He will of course be accompanied by Brian Ray, Rusty Anderson, Abe Laboriel Jr. and Wix Wickens, with whom he has played live longer than he ever did with the Beatles.

Tuesday, 05 April 2016

New 10-Peso Bill Is Going Into Circulation[The Bubble]
Luckily for us mere mortals, the new bill is similar enough to its previous version and doesn’t include the picture of a capybara or some other rodent so chances are you will not have to look at it twice when paying your cab driver in a hurry, just to make sure you didn’t give him a 100-peso note.

How To Avoid Pregnancy Scares In Buenos Aires[The Bubble]
Within Latin America, Argentina boasts a decent standard of contraceptive health care, particularly since the government introduced the provision of free contraception in 2003. But problems still exist, with long delays, demands for ‘spousal permission’ and sometimes even outright refusal of treatment all affecting women’s access to care.

Monday, 04 April 2016

The Must Have Apps For Every Buenos Aires Newbie[The Bubble]
Google Translate sounds obvious, but the app goes beyond the web based platform so many of us copied and pasted our way into getting to know. Beyond simply translating text, the app can translate voice or even images in real time. It’s simple to use, you just type in or select the input method, and Google will do its magic for you. Great for menus, street signs and awkward taxi rides.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Public Transportation Fares Will Increase Between 50 And 100 Percent[The Bubble]
told the press, “but there has been no fare adjustment since August 2014. We all know that inflation occurred during those years. Unfortunately, treatment of transportation tariffs has been quite populist. Why should a person in Córdoba pay more than someone in the Capital for public transport?”

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Argentina Ends US Reciprocity Fee Payment[Discover Buenos Aires]
Argentina is hoping for the US to grant their citizens unrestricted travel without the need for a visa too, but that is a little ways off. At the moment, the US has agreed to waive the interview requirement for those Argentines under 16 or over 65. Not much, but it’s a start!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

A Ceviche Party at La Mar Buenos Aires[Pick Up The Fork]
La Mar Buenos Aires was probably one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in 2015, and a year later, this Peruvian cebichería is still a hit. Many were skeptical that the seafood-centric spot wouldnt be so hot in Argentinas not-so-seafood friendly capital city, but Gastón Acurio and his crew have yet again managed to win over our hearts []

Monday, 14 March 2016

Dating With Deby: Tales of Internet Dating in Argentina..Those Men, Those Men, Those Argentine Men[TangoSpam]
In other words big talkers or full of hot air. The question I get asked most is why I live in Argentina. Concentrating on me is a good way for them not to talk about themselves. Being a foreigner gives them an opportunity they might not have with a local woman. During this conversation I find out that this guy lives on his small boat because the wife got the house. He works as a lower level employee in a company. None of this really matters but he told me online about his boat which he made

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Buenos Aires for Bookworms[Inside Buenos Aires]
Another option to explore the local literary scene is taking a tour with Lara Mirkin. Her tours include reading a short story by a local author and then exploring the settings of the story and the author in the city, and stopping for coffee at one of the lovely BA cafes. Tours are offered in both English and Spanish and must be booked in advance. More information is available
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