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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 26 April

2nd Buenos Aires International Circus Festival[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The second 2nd Buenos Aires International Circus Festival , organized by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, Culturesfrance, and the French Embassy in Argentina, with the collabo...

The Human Rights Film Festival Opens[The Argentimes]
As this year's International Human Rights Film Festival opens, all eyes will be on the Bicentenary as theme of 'plundering' looks over the last 200 years and at how far Argentina has come, while also ...

Obama Has Put U.S. on Path to Becoming Argentina[MoneyNews]
A century ago, if you had told typical citizens of Argentina (which at that time was enjoying the fourth-highest per capita income in the world) that it would decline to become ...

Foreign investment banks to leave Argentina amid tightened regulation[Xinhua]
More than 10 investment banks, including Wells Fargo, HSBC, Merryl Linch and Credit Suisse, will leave Argentina in the coming weeks, a local newspaper reported Monday.

Saturday, 24 April

The milongueros I love – The Gift (Part 1)[Sallycat’s Adventures]
After a two week break from the arms of my milongueros, I am pining — big time. I miss the thrill of hooking a favourite guy with the merest glance; I dream of melting into a familiar chest; I n...

Argentina says it better off without IMF advice[Reuters]
In a statement to the IMF's steering committee, Argentina said "we can proudly celebrate that we have cemented our economic independence as never before in our recent history."

Insane Two-Man Bicycle Kick[TheRapUp]
During a recent Gimnasia La Plata - Boca match, two Gimnasia players managed to make the same exact play on the ball at the same exact time to execute a perfect two-man bicycle kick.

Friday, 23 April

How did Argentina Escape the Global Credit Crunch?[The Argentimes]
In Europe or in the US, if we took a poll to find out what the biggest concern was, many people would immediately reply: the credit crunch. But the response would be slightly different in Latin Americ...

Beyond the Biro: The Future of Argentine Innovation[The Argentimes]
Biros, bypasses, blood transfusions. What do these three wonderful exhibitions of innovation have in common? For one, they are all Argentine inventions. But inevitably, as we continue to hurtle toward...

It's Cold. I'm a wimp.[The Buenos Aires Life]
Signs that winter is coming: -I actually look forward to doing the dishes because it means I can immerse my hands in hot water -getting out of my ridiculously comfy bed in the morning is now even ...

Parque Tierra Santa[Buenos Aires Daily]
Never really got a chance to visit this so-called amusement park, where you can see a resurrection every hour. I guess one day I’ll have to check it out before I move out of Buenos Aires. Maybe...

Messi Was Rich, China Makes Him Riich(er)[InvestBA.com]
The World Is Flat: An Argentine playing in Spain selling Chinese luxury cars sold on six continents. Argentina and China may be having a spat over trade and tariffs , but one Chinese co...

Argentina aims to rediscover a love of books[BBC]
In the cool marble and gilt splendour of one of the old cafes of Buenos Aires, a customer picks up a book from a smart new bookcase. He takes it back to his table and begins reading while he sips his coffee.

Five steps to an Oscar winner[The Globe and Mail]
Campanella about "The Secret in their Eyes": "When we were working on it, we realized that we were dealing with a multithematic and a multitonal piece. It’s not something that we set out to do,"

Thursday, 22 April

Unique Boutiques – Where to Shop in Palermo[Argentina's Travel Guide]
Fashionistas looking to sink their teeth into Buenos Aires’ local design scene (and put a sizable dent in their bank account) should make a beeline for the city’s hipster Palermo district and chec...

The grand plan[Sallycat’s Adventures]
Last week, Me and C. took a holiday (our first in our three years together, that hasn’t involved other people or me getting a visa) in Capilla del Monte, Córdoba. I wanted to hang out in the...

Liliana Crociati de Szaszak[Buenos Aires Daily]
The tomb of Liliana Crociati de Szaszak is a tomb in Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, known for its unusual design. The 26 year old Liliana Crociati de Szaszak (1944-1970) w...

Wednesday, 21 April

Art and music festival Codigo Pais 2010[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The creative trends, art and music Festival Código País 2010 will get together in a same venue, on April 23, 24 and 25, 2010 , the new talents in music, design, cinema, theatre and e...

Featured Barrio: Puerto Madero[LandingPadBAYour Alternative Guide to Buenos Aires »]
Puerto Madero, the site of a former port to Buenos Aires, has throughout its history been a site of great investment capital. At the end of the 19th century, this port replaced the original port in La...

Tuesday, 20 April

Gallery Nights April 2010 edition[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
On Friday, April 30th, 2010 , from 7 PM , a new edition of Gallery Nights , the original circuit for art lovers around more than 60 art galleries, antique shops, museums and cultural centers, ...

The Positives and Negatives of Nocturnal Living in Buenos Aires[LandingPadBA]
Living in a residence with twenty young students in the centre of the city has shown me that Buenos Aires really is a city that never sleeps, especially for students my age. Going to bed before midnig...

Monday, 19 April

The Little Things[The Buenos Aires Life]
The more time I spend here in BA, the more I enjoy the little things about life. I’m not sure if this newfound appreciation is actually even related to being here in BA…maybe it’s just a slow and grad...

Photographing the Obelisk of Buenos Aires[Gringo in Buenos Aires]
If you’re reading this, then chances are you have at least a passing interest in photography: very few people leave home and travel half-way around the globe without wanting to capture their new ...

Mafalda on her bench[Buenos Aires Daily]
Sculpture of Mafalda made by Argentine sculptor Pablo Irrgang, installed in front of 371 Chile Street, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, where Quino used to live. Original title: Homenaje a Mafalda.
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