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Sep 22, 2012
Wednesday, 12 August

Equity Financing: The Only Choice for Argentina Small Business[Investing and Doing Business in Argentina]
In Argentina the only realistic way to obtain start-up funding for any kind of business venture is through equity financing or through some other vehicle that brings investors into your company. Lucki...

Rockin' Against Dictatorship[GoodAirs: More than a bad translation of "Buenos Aires"]
As you, er, might have noticed, we've been real delinquentes in terms of updating the blog. A trip to the U.S., work, fatigue, and big plans have kept us out of the loop. But we're back now, a...

Photo Essay: A Ride on a Buenos Aires Bus[LandingPadBA.com]
Click to start the slideshow. (Wait for the page to finish loading first)

Tuesday, 11 August

The Cost Of Buying An HDTV In Argentina[The Argentine Post]
For better or worse, Argentina has never been a good place to buy electronic items.

Néstor Kirchner Accused for Privileged Pension[The Argentimes]
It was revealed last week that ex-president Kirchner is drawing a retirement pension of $27.000 a month, which is almost fifty times as much as the normal sum. Following to the recently published decl...

Venezuela shops in Argentina after Colombia spat[Reuters]
Venezuela signed over a billion dollars of trade deals with Argentina on Tuesday, buying tractors, meat and rice days after halting the import of 10,000 vehicles from Colombia.

Pecha Kucha Night Buenos Aires Vol. 14[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
On Tuesday, August 25, 2009 , Ciudad Cultural Konex presents the fourteenth edition of Pecha Kucha Night , a “showcasing + networking” event created in Japan in 2003 by architects Astrid Klein and ...

Monday, 10 August

Telephone! Buenos Aires[LandingPadBA.com]
Just arrived in Buenos Aires and now you want to call a friend to make plans for dinner? Only been in town for a couple days and want to call that cute guy who gave you his number last night? Sounds l...

Trash Fashions – Recycled Style[The Argentimes]
Buenos Aires has a knack for blending the old with the new, and so do the city’s people. Argentine designer Aidana Baldassarre takes the concept a step further by creating masterpieces out of the city...

Adoption in Argentina: The Long Wait[The Argentimes]
In Argentina, some 80% of adoptions take place through a direct exchange, through a private agreement between the biological mother and those wishing to adopt. While the practice is legal and done und...

Amistad o Nada; Why Art is Everything Inside Villa 20[The Argentimes]
We are sitting on the roof of a rather ramshackle building, a load of chorizo sausages sizzling on a makeshift barbeque. Some of the walls are missing, so that the hum of Villa 20 and cumbia music flo...

2009 Buenos Aires Tango Festival and 7th Tango Dance World Championship.[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
For 18 days, starting August 14th, 2009, Buenos Aires will be the Tango Capital of the world, with two world class events: the 2009 Buenos Aires Tango Festival , and the 7th Tango Dance World Cham...

Sunday, 09 August

Classic 1932 Argentina Travel Video[The Argentine Post]
Sometimes it’s good to remember – because it’s all too easy to forget – that 70 years ago Argentina was on top of the world. It was one of the richest countries on the planet....

Saturday, 08 August

Experts’ Verdict on the Kirchners: ‘They’ve Failed’[The Argentine Post]
With Argentina’s election still fresh on people’s minds, a group of political analysts met in London recently to discuss the results and their possible impact on Argentina’s....

Top 12 Places To Visit in Argentina[Argentina Travel Tips]
Buenos Aires is the main entrance to Argentina and its more known face to the world. With its multifaceted energy, as eager as attractive, Buenos Aires is a universe in itself.
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