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Sep 22, 2012
Wednesday, 19 August

Hyperinflation & The $1,000,000 Peso Bill[The Argentine Post]
Wish you had million pesos? You can, and it’ll cost you only a few bucks! Just head to ... coin and stamp collectors shop, where you can become a millionaire in a few minutes.

República Cromañón Verdict handed down[Beatrice M's blog]
This afternoon a little after 15 hrs, sentences were handed down for the Cromañón trials. On December 30, 2004 one of the worst non-...

"Dondoh Matsuri - The Fire Ceremony" at the Japanese Garden[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
On Sunday, August 23, 2009 , the J apanese Garden of Buenos Aires ( Av. Figueroa Alcorta and Casares, Palermo ) presents the festival "Dondoh Matsuri - The Fire Ceremony" . This is an ancient...

Monday, 17 August

The Dangers of Rally Driving in Argentina[GoodAirs: More than a bad translation of "Buenos Aires"]
In the province of Río Negro, Federico Villagra, the leader of the Campeonato Argentino de Rally, plowed into, um, a horse . Despite this dramatic bump, he continued the race. Though later he had ...

In line[Buenos Aires Daily]
Lining up to go see the Star Wars exhibition at the Recoleta cultural center.

Iguazú and Wildlife Too[LandingPadBA.com]
No trip to Argentina is be complete without a trip to Iguazú. In fact, returning home without a picture of the falls to accompany a colorful snapshot of La Boca really would be a crying shame.* Second...

Somewhere in Saavedra[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Pics of BA]
Last Saturday I had a couple of models lined up for a portrait project and they both canceled at the last minute. I grabbed my medium format camera and my little digital point-n-shoot ...
Sunday, 16 August

Sunday, 16 August

Pink Technicolor Vomit…[micheleandtom.com]
Our return to Buenos Aires did not disappoint in the barrel-of-laughs department! It started with Delta canceling our Thursday flight to Buenos Aires a few days prior to our departure. We hastil...

In Wikipedia Wars, Boca Thrashes River[The Argentine Post]
... a colleague of mine checked Wikipedia for information about Club Atlético River Plate, one of Argentina’s largest soccer clubs...

Doctored Data Cast Doubt on Argentina[Washington Post]
Workers at the government's National Institute of Statistics call it crass manipulation: Their agency, under pressure from above, altered altered socioeconomic data ...

Saturday, 15 August

it's more complicated than i thought. i don't know if my dentist in the states is at fault or it's the dentist here, but i'm thinking it's the dentist in the states. the tooth that i need a root can...

Manu Chao-Radio Colifata Collaboration Available Online[Listen, Yankee!]
Manu Chao has been working in Argentina with a group of patients who have been running a radio station out of their psychiatric hospital. The 20-song project is now available for download

Shared Living Space and the Panty Factory[LandingPadBA.com]
Those coming to Buenos Aires in search of a “local” experience find living in shared houses a great opportunity. Craigslist.org and Spareroomsba.com have made finding these rooms ridiculously easy and...

Friday, 14 August

Antarctica: A Glimpse into Forever[The Argentimes]
A pole of inaccessibility is the point in any landmass that is hardest to reach. Every continent has one, and in 1958 a Soviet exploration team reached the remotest of them all – Antarctica’s. At an a...

Tango Festival Starting Today[Buenos Aires through my eyes]
Hi There, it´s been a while since my last post. So, Hello, I missed you, my people. So, the Tango Festival starts today. This is THE tango festival, so make sure you attend any of the activities they ...

Argentina’s Fernandez Unveils Public Works, Jobs Plan[Bloomberg]
Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner unveiled a 1.5 billion-peso ($391 million) plan to boost public works projects and help fight poverty and unemployment. ..

Thursday, 13 August

Buenos Aires Book Crawl[LandingPadBA.com]
Do you want some real excitement? Do you want to spend hours skimming through cover flaps, making mental reading lists and searching through dusty volumes to find bargains?* If literature, history and...

Washington KidsPost from Buenos Aires, Argentina[Expat Argentina]
I just came across this very old article from 2005 from the Washington Post Kids. They were running a series from kids around the world and this little girl Julieta is from Buenos Aires. It's a short...
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