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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 14 December

Chasing Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid[The Argentine Post]
Any Westerner knows about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Their daring raids were executed with military precision and skillfully planned. They roamed the west in such a wide...

Argentines are Latin America’s biggest smokers[Cigarettes Flavours]
Buenos Aires, – Argentina tops the list of countries that smoke the most in Latin America, consuming 1,014 cigarettes annually for every inhabitant over age 15 ...

Sunday, 13 December

photo: get in line[Yillabean]
Waiting in line is a pretty normal thing. No one seems to complain, whether it be an ATM line, a huge supermarket line or a line for the bus. One tim...

Temazo Tuesday[The Buenos Aires Life]
It's that time again: Temazo Tuesday! This week I'm posting two songs that are seriously EVERYWHERE these days. They play them in clubs, they get blasted from car stereos, and the girl across the stre...

riding the colectivo part 4: Permiso, Yo Bajo![The Buenos Aires Life]
Welcome to the final installment of Riding the Colectivo! So far we’ve covered the Guia-T , bus stop behavior , and how to get on the bus without looking like a silly gringo or losing a limb . Yay!...

Resto Review: El Dorinda[The Buenos Aires Life]
Ah yes, another restaurant review! No unfortunate incident to avoid discussing in this one, however (if you would like to read about the thrilling events preceding my visit to the last resto I reviewe...

Beef-loving Argentina may have to order out[MSNBC]
Argentina, a nation that prides itself on having more cattle than people, may soon be forced to import beef to keep its meat-loving citizens happy at the dinner table...

Saturday, 12 December

Brendan Martin: financial investor[The Argentimes]
Six years ago Brendan Martin, 36, was working on Wall Street in the world of global finance. Then a friend suggested he watch a new film that had just been released in the United States; Naomi Klein’s...

Friday, 11 December

Tango, Salsa, Milonga & Club 69[Blog]
The night started out classy, romantic and educational and it ended with a fantasy induced sex-fest of a party (yet, still highly educational). Feeling pretty confident after our semi...

At the Height of Criminal Fashion: Secuestros virtuales[The Argentimes]
“Crime is like fashion. It experiences trends which catch on quickly and which move faster than the police, the government or the state. Secuestros virtuales (fake kidnappings) are the ‘hottest new cr...

Chicago Girl Starts Granola Company in Buenos Aires[The Argentine Post]
Got milk, need granola? Granola Mix, a customizable granola company, aims to solve that. After a year at a Buenos Aires consulting firm, former Chicagoan Marina Lidow decided it......

Thursday, 10 December

Mendoza[Lizzy Muzzy]
We had an interesting start to the trip … running around Retiro train station for 20 minutes panicking because it was 8:25 and our bus was scheduled for 8:15pm. When we finally stopped to spe...

Feeling lonely[Buenos Aires Daily]
Calafate in Patagonia surprises for the first time visitor. Houses gather a bit everywhere and the city keeps expanding [ tourism obliges], more houses and hotels are being built, but the infrastruc...

Thou Shalt Miss…[micheleandtom.com]
All of the amazing people we’ve met in Argentina — Argentines, Australians, Malaysians, Brits, Canadians, Irish, Americans, Brazilians, Colombians, Venezuelans, Chinese, parents at scho...

Oye, new Spanish grammar guidelines unveiled[AP | Yahoo News]
Can a Barcelona truck driver be expected to speak like a Buenos Aires banker? Can rules be imposed on a language spoken by 400 million people stretching from Madrid to Manila?..

Is Buenos Aires safe?[About Buenos Aires]
You heard that Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, you did some research on the internet, watched lovely pictures, tango atmosphere and great night life, you asked questions, visited forums and digged everywhere to find tips about the city. You made a decision and said...
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