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Jun 6, 2005
Thursday, 24 December

Argentina's 'disappeared:' Justice at last or reneging on amnesty?[CS Monitor]
In Argentina, and elsewhere in Latin America, victims of brutal dictatorships are finally getting their day in court. But by trying former officials who were given amnesty, are nations reopening old political wounds?

Tuesday, 22 December

the city's alive with music[Yillabean]
these past few days i've been running into, and taking the time to enjoy music throughout the city. on friday i was having coffee with a friend in the botanical garden. as we were leaving we noticed...

Recommended Concerts in January and February 2010[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
THURSDAY 21 METALLICA The Metal band presents a show in Argentina as part of its world tour "Death Magnetic Tour" LUNA PARK STAD...

The Bandoneón, tango’s breath of life[LandingPadBA]
Experiencing the bandoneón for the first time was a defining moment in my understanding of tango. Like many newcomers to Argentina and the tango scene, at first glance I recognized this contraption as...

Monday, 21 December

A trip to El Calafate[LandingPadBA]
If you’re a nature fan and dig the untamed outdoors, I wholeheartedly recommend a trip to El Calafate. I recently took a trip to this place of natural wonders, and here’s what happened...

BA Valley: Tech District Ready for Liftoff in 2010[InvestBA]
WiFi connectivity, generous tax breaks, grants to cover the cost of quality certification, preferred lines of credit at local banks, and a government-sponsored training program to groom future talent. It may sound like a Christmas wish list, but it’s an emerging high tech reality in the Parque Patricios neighborhood thanks to the City of Buenos Aires.

Sunday, 20 December

Beyoncé Coming to Buenos Aires in February[The Argentine Post]
Click here to view the embedded video. The strikingly beautiful, hyper-talented singer and dancer* Beyoncé will perform in Buenos Aires on Feb. 12. Argentina will at least momentarily...
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