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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 01 February

Reclaiming the Streets: Masa Crítica BA[The Argentimes]
The scene is one of celebratory chaos. We surge forward: a barrage of velocipede force, flooding the wide avenues of downtown Buenos Aires to a rampageous soundtrack of whistles, horns, bells and chee...

54 Bars: New Brighton[The Argentimes]
Back in England the city of Brighton has a well-deserved reputation as the most 'European' city in the country, a place where you’re likely to find arty types sipping espressos in cute cafés. The styl...

Sunday, 31 January

First edited video for your viewing pleasure[La Vida Desconocida]
Well, I finally did it. I was going to see Avatar this afternoon but all the screenings were sold out until 10:30 tonight (I cannot believe it is still so popular after weeks in the theater). So, w...

Metallica: Video Interview[MegaRock Radio]
Argentina's La Viola conducted an interview with METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich and filmed the band's January 21, 2010 performance at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires...

36 Hours in Buenos Aires [NY Times]
... through all the highs and lows, one thing has remained constant: Buenos Aires’s graceful elegance and cosmopolitan cool. This attractive city continues to draw food lovers, design buffs and party people ...

Saturday, 30 January

An Argentine Man's Corazon[A Broad in Buenos Aires]
So today my pharmacist gave me a kiss right on the lips. Ick. I wasn't expecting it, just the usually kiss on one cheek. Dirty old pharmacist! After I bought my face cream he said he and his heart wou...

Not Quite Slyders[SaltShaker]
Harold: I want 30 sliders, 5 french fries, and 4 large cherry cokes. Kumar: I want the same except make mine diet cokes. - from Harold & Kumar go to White Castle. While White Castle...

Be a responsible tourist[Buenos Aires through my eyes]
Hi, How are you doing? Enjoying the city? Great! So... Don´t you think that you´ve had enough ASADO already? Don´t you think that it´s time to stop buying LEATHER goods and do something good for other...

Friday, 29 January

Sweat and Silks[La Vida Desconocida]
Sweat It's hot here. People who know me know that I do not handle heat well. I was raised in a mild climate and for me, 75 degrees and breezy is the ideal day. I love the pouring rain and would rat...

The New Medical Tourism Mecca[The Argentimes]
Tourists have long felt the pull of Argentina’s stunning landscapes, vibrant culture and sumptuous gastronomy. However, as demand soars for a low cost tummy tuck or affordable fertility treatment, a n...

Extreme Stream: White Water Rafting in Mendoza[The Argentimes]
At 9am my head was still foggy from the previous day’s cycle through the vineyards and too many misguided attempts to abuse the bodegas’ good will by feigning interest in purchasing their wares. It wa...

My Buenos Aires, Jed Rothenberg[LandingPadBA]
Buenos Aires is a lot of things, to a lot of different people. In this series of articles, each member of the LandingPadBA.com team takes their turns at sharing their Buenos Aires with all of you! ...

Latin America rejects old U.S. approach in drugs war[Reuters]
Even in countries such as Argentina, where drug violence is still unusual, judges are backing decriminalization because the justice system is congested with small-time busts, leaving prosecutors unable to go after bigger fish.

Thursday, 28 January

How Do They Do It?[One Month In Buenos Aires]
At some point you start wondering just how the old milongueros do it. How do they ‘keep it up’ all night – so to speak – especially if they are still working during the day. I...

Wednesday, 27 January

Temazo Tuesday[The Buenos Aires Life]
Oops! Forgot again. My bad. Being unemployed is so tough, I'm just so busy running around and doing important things. Like getting up at 7 to go to migraciones, forgetting my passport, having to come ...

Retiro: Picking Up a Package Part 2[The Buenos Aires Life]
Ok, here’s the second part of how to pick up a package at Correo Internacional. It’s less fun than the first part—not that the first part was fun—but at the end at least you get your package!
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