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Sep 22, 2012
Sunday, 15 February

The Peron pattern[Washington Times]
The disastrous path on which America is currently embarked was tried in another country - in the Western Hemisphere: Juan Peron's Argentina. During the 1940s until a 1955 coup ousted him from power...

They dance all night in gay Buenos Aires[Toronto Star]
They say men danced together in the early days of tango, when Buenos Aires was a port full of sailors. La Marshall is a gay and lesbian tango club or milonga where this tradition has been reborn, with men and women...

Saturday, 14 February

Softer Policy on Drugs Is Debated in Argentina[NY Times]
"Here, Ecstasy is everywhere," said Mateus Loiecomo, 19, referring to the drug that helped fuel the long night of dancing for a number of the revelers...
"But everybody should be allowed to take whatever drug they want," he said. "It's their life, right?"

Latin America warms up to nuclear expansion[chron.com]
Latin America’s first nuclear power plant (Atucha I near Buenos Aires, Argentina) opened in 1974, 20 years after the world’s first electricity-generating nuclear power plant. Since then, a lack of funds and public opposition...

Friday, 13 February

Peron[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Photos of Buenos Aires]
Juan Domingo Peron

Open air Milonga at Corrientes Avenue[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
On February, Monday 16 and Monday 21 , a free Open Air Milonga (tango dancing) will be set at Corrientes & Esmeralda , at the door of the centenary Teatro Maipo , with different activities thr...

Francis Ford Coppola’s Hidden Garden opens in Buenos Aires[easier.com]
Coppola’s highly anticipated Buenos Aires project, Jardin Escondido ("Hidden Garden"), is now open for reservations. With six bedrooms and one studio, the residence offers a taste of Buenos Aires living in one of the city’s most happening areas, Palermo Soho...

Thursday, 12 February

Travel Tips Learned the Hard Way[micheleandtom.com]
Make sure all ropa blanca is included — towels, blankets, sheets, pillowcases. Sounds funny, but after our Punta del Diablo experience , we learned to scan for towels and check for...

Photo Post: Cristina Gets Down And Dirty[The Argentine Post]
Say what you will about Cristina Fernández (and there’s a lot to say), but on Wednesday the president showed some class by getting down and dirty with her tragedy-stricken fellow citizens in... ...

Massive Discrimination Taints Argentina’s Job Market[The Argentine Post]
Anyone who has looked for a job in Argentina knows that discrimination is rampant in the labor market. Companies across the board engage in all kinds of gender, age, and aesthetic discrimination...

luck or positive thinking[Yillabean]
I didn't have any classes scheduled for today so my whole day was open. around 11 i headed out to my new favorite cafe that has "illy coffee" and good 'non-bathed ...

Wednesday, 11 February

Entrance Tiles[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Photos of Buenos Aires]

Daily Pic 93 : Fruteria[The Silver River]

Moving to Argentina: The First 24 Hours[Argentina's Travel Guide]
The Airport You’ve packed all of your vital goods into your airline-regulated single bag.* You have a first aid kit full of malaria pills that you may or may not use.* Checked in on t...

Tuesday, 10 February

Patience is a(n Argentinean) Virtue[In search of Macondo]
The phrase ‘pop to the shops’ does not exist in Argentina. This is not for lack of vocabulary, but simply due to the impossibility of such an event ever occurring.

El Obelisco, a Symbol of Buenos Aires[Argentina Look]
El Obelisco is a National Historic Monument icon of the city of Buenos Aires. Located in the Plaza de la Republica... was built to conmemorate the fourth centennial of the first foundation of the city.

Growin' Up speakers grow when you want them to! [The design blog]
If you are a music or entertainment freak and are looking to upgrade your music system, then have a look at this modular speaker system by Marcos Madia, an Industrial Design student at La Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production [GlobalResearch.ca]
After reading about the droughts in two major agricultural countries, China and Argentina, I decided to research the extent other food producing nations were also experiencing droughts.
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