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Monday, 15 February 2016

Sausage smackdown: Argentina claims to have largest salami in Americas[Fox News Latino]
Buenos Aires – The Argentine city of Tandil has made the largest salami in the Americas, a cured sausage 28.2 meters (92.4 feet) long and weighing 88.2 kilos (194 pounds), organizers who are trying to seta record said Sunday. The giant sausage was

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Mick Jagger angers tourists in Argentina by having cemetery closed[The Sun]
MICK Jagger infuriates visitors to Argentina's La Recoleta cemetery by having it shut so he can take a private tour. The Rolling Stone, 72, shared the image at the Buenos Aires site where former First Lady Eva Peron is buried.

The ultimate concept boutiques in Buenos Aires[therealargentina.com]
La Restinga will charm even the most resistant of male shoppers. Previously receiving customers by appointment only in a showroom tucked away in a Palermo apartment building, they’ve just upgraded to a beautifully renovated 1930s Palermo house (previously an art gallery). Knock on the unmarked door and be welcomed in by the brand’s attractive team of assistants who will offer you a choice of beer, the finest whisky or ...

Friday, 12 February 2016

Best Ice Cream In Buenos Aires: A Bubble Guide[The Bubble]
What makes Italian ice cream so different and superior from the rest? Gelato is known all over the world for its sumptuous, soft cream and intense flavor enhanced by a lower quantity of sugar. It is also said that gelato has a lower fat concentration – science is yet to confirm this, but I’m emotionally committed to this train of thought. Less sugar, lower fat and more flavor are reasons enough to worship this Italian delicacy but the question remains: where do you get the best gelato in ...

The Spread Of Zika: A Comprehensive Timeline[The Bubble]
With no vaccine or effective control mechanism in sight, the Zika virus has been able to spread at an alarming rate. Check out our interactive timeline to see the how Zika has gone from a disease confined to monkeys in a Ugandan forest to the global emergency that it is today.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Argentina seeks debt injunction's lifting after settlement offer[Reuters]
U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa in Manhattan gave bondholders until mid-February to show cause why the injunction should not be lifted if Argentina repeals two local laws regarding its debts and pays any creditors who settle by Feb. 29. The order ...Argentina seeks to lift debt injunctions after settlement offer

The Best Italian Restaurants in Buenos Aires[Gringo in BA]
This cafe-bistro-shop is the brainchild of celebrity chef Donato de Santis (you’ll find him dominating the airtime of the Gourmet channel). The vibe is laid-back and Donato is often present, making fresh pasta and filling ravioli at the bar. The menu is small, with about half a dozen each of pasta dishes, antipasti and panini, but made fresh.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Want To Celebrate Carnaval Naked? Now You Can[The Bubble]
Anybody who is down to try out the experience can as long as they understand it isnt some sort of orgy. Far from it. Its just about doing your usual thing: chilling and sharing cultural experiences, be it music, theater or food with others, free of any textile.

Watch Argentine Films Under the Stars (With English Subs!)[The Argentina Independent]
s not cheap, but the setting is somewhat unique, and the event does provide the opportunity to meet and network with fellow travellers or expats. As an English-language oasis in the heart of Palermo, expats from the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia go with friends, or by themselves, ready to exchange travel stories, and soak up some Argentine culture in a space that isn’t too intimidating for the non-Spanish speaker.

5 Outdoor Activities to Celebrate Love in Buenos Aires[Inside Buenos Aires]
Botanical Gardens are perfect for shady strolls and kissing under the trees. There are also fountains and sculptures that add ambience to one of the city’s most well loved green areas.

Teatro Colon Outdoes Itself With Summer Performance Series[The Bubble]
Prima Donna in Teatro Colons main hall, during which a tribute film to soprano, Maria Callas, directed by Francesco Vezzoli and absolute babe photographer, Cindy Sherman, will be projected.

Saturday, 06 February 2016

Palermo: Buenos Aires Neighborhood Info[LandingPadBA]
Tree-lined and cobblestoned, chic, boutique, bohemian, trendy… dog shit, are all terms used liberally to describe Palermo; pound for pound champ of Buenos Aires neighbourhoods. Flanked by Belgrano and Recoleta, Palermo is the biggest barrio in Buenos Aires and as such has been chopped up into smaller bite ...

Friday, 05 February 2016

“Eat sleep spanish repeat”: How I Became Bilingual[urbanexpats.com]
First of all, I want to explain the difference between being “bilingual” and “fluent”, in my opinion. “Fluency” is subjective and mainly refers to your ability to communicate well, even if you make mistakes or have a foreign accent. “Bilingual” means that you speak …

Carnival beats get culos on the street[therealargentina.com]
murgas and can act as a system of social support in a country where there doesn’t always appear to be one. Monica Fernandez, the chief organizer told me how they picked up kids off the corner, literally saving them from a life on drugs and hunger during the country’s financial crashes. ‘We fed them, took them in, got them studying or doing some kind of work and look around, many of them are still with us today.’

Tuesday, 02 February 2016

Mauricio Macri and Italian Cuisine[Buenos Aires News]
It was justice served. Most people, who spend half of their miserable lives trying to wave down smelly antique buses for an hour-long, un-airconditioned ride to work in a rattle-trap filled with pickpockets, gropers, and B.O., only to spend their day under the thumb and watchful eye of a cast member of “Horrible Bosses,” resent the useless slugs who don’t have to work, but take money from those who do. They are glad to see them get what they’ve got coming to them.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

2016 Chinese New Year Celebration[BA Travel Guide]
This is the most important celebration in the Chinese culture. The mega event will feature more than 100 gastronomic and cultural stands; the traditional Dragon Dance and Lion Dance, demonstrations of Oriental martial arts; Wushu Kung Fu; Tea Ceremony; Chinese Opera; Traditional Chines Puppets; Origami; dance and music shows.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Musings on La Noche de los Museos[therealargentina.com]
Buzzing off the wild energy of the musicians I was lured inside to peek around at the Anconetani acordeon hall of fame. The family name has been synonymous with producing artisanal hand crafted instruments since the 1900s when Italian Giovanni Anconetani was hopping back and forth selling acordeons for the Soprani factory. One day the craftsman and musician decided to set up his own factory in Argentina. His five children, and now their children and grandchildren, have carried on the family business ...

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Getting Around – There’s An App For That[SaltShaker]
So how do they stack up against each other? Let’s take a hypothetical, I’m leaving home and headed to a restaurant in Palermo. I’ve tried this with various starting and ending addresses with similar results, so this isn’t a solo attempt. The city map: Suggests five different bus lines, plus a subway-bus combo. Its top pick requires I walk seven blocks from home to get the 111 bus, which will drop me off nearly in front of the restaurant.