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Sep 22, 2012
Tuesday, 23 February

A Butaca Briefing[The Buenos Aires Life]
I’ve gotten several questions about long-distance buses that I’m going to try and answer here. First, seats (butacas). I realize that Plataforma10 gives you lots of options, especially if you’re headi...

el secreto de tus ojos[Why on earth did I move to Argentina?]
When we arrived in Buenos Aires about 6 months ago, there was a lot to do about this Argentine movie. El secreto de tus ojos. Big posters everywhere and a lot of publicity. Unfortunately as my fa...

Monday, 22 February

katti[Why on earth did I move to Argentina?]
Only about one year ago I hurt my fingers while on holidays in Cannes, France. It was just a few days before I was supposed to go home and as I had already had experience with ER in the Cannes hos...

Sunday, 21 February

Trust, Friendship & Development In Argentina[The Argentine Post]
Argentina, like Winston Churchill once said of Russia, is “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” The country is hard to understand, harder to explain and impossible to...

The Bicentennial Regatta “Sails of South America 2010” arrives in the port of Buenos Aires[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
To celebrate the Bicentennial of the First National Governing Board, the Navies of Chile and Argentina have joined in the organization of “Sails of South America 2010”.

The Best of Buenos Aires: Summer Edition[Tourist2townie Blog]
Despite the constant sweat and weird smells coming from the Subte, summer in Buenos Aires has been nothing short of spectacular . I've experienced a lot of great things here in the city ove...

Saturday, 20 February

Forget tango shoes, bring wellies[Sallycat's Adventures]
Meet me on the corner of Godoy Cruz and Santa Fe , says C. on the other end of the phone. I agree, of course. It’s always a little adventure to hook up when the ends of our respective days ...

Argentina Confronts Soaring Inflation[WSJ]
Argentina is enduring its biggest inflation surge to start the year in two decades, posing a challenge for the government's newly named central bank president who is viewed skeptically by financial markets.

Friday, 19 February

A Snapshot of Villa Gesell[La Vida Desconocida]
Having a computer with no internet has done wonders for my documentation. I’ve labeled photos, edited almost all of the videos I’ve taken since I got the camera in October, written numerous and length...

Forced To Lie[One Month In Buenos Aires]
It’s true – we all lie. I don’t like it much. I try not to do it. But, the situation with the monedas here forces me to lie regularly and I try not to feel guilty about it.

How to Live in Buenos Aires on Only Five Dollars a Day[A Gringo in Buenos Aires]
While Buenos Aires is not as cheap for Gringos as it used to be, hacking your budget can still be achieved with relative ease. Does this mean you are going to be living like a king? No, but if y...

Max Planck Society's Science Tunnel in Buenos Aires[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The Science Tunnel , a scientific multimedia show presented by The Max Planck Society, arrives in Buenos Aires on March 8th, 2010. A fascinating expedition into the mysteries of our world, groundbr...

A Real Look into Rosario, Argentina[Tourist2townie Blog]
When the bus came into the city of Rosario I knew immediately I was in for a change of pace and scenery. The first thing I saw were boney horses tied up on the side of the road eating garbage...

Thursday, 18 February

Empanadas in Buenos Aires…Try to Eat Only One![A Gringo in Buenos Aires]
Empanadas are a funny thing. I had eaten my fair share of hand-holdable meat pies and pasties before setting foot on the southern part of this fair continent. So the first time someone explained...

Helpful Phrases in Argentine Spanish[LandingPadBA]
No matter where you travel, you’ll notice differences in local lingo. Buenos Aires is no exception. Upon my arrival, I quickly realized that the Spanish spoken in Buenos Aires is a different monster. ...

Wednesday, 17 February

The Appearance of Impropriety in Argentina[The Argentine Post]
The appearance of impropriety in public life can be as damaging to a person’s reputation – and to a public’s trust – as impropriety itself. That’s why newly-elected...

To Provincia and Beyond: Long Distance Buses Part 2[The Buenos Aires Life]
Welcome to the second half of my new series on long-distance buses: Retiro’s Bus Terminal or the Definition of “Quilombo.” A few days ago I covered the basics and how to buy tickets, HERE . Today we’...

Don’t Get Upset – Get Smart[One Month In Buenos Aires]
Okay, so here’s a plan. When you get your bills from the bank machine check them all for the authentic watermark. Then, make a personal mark on all of them. Next time you’re ready to pay ...

Churches in Buenos Aires[aboutbuenosaires.org]
Buenos Aires is divided into 22 parishes and 2 mission parishes, each with its own church. Apart from these parish churches there are ...
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