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Jul 17, 2009
Monday, 20 February 2012
With Pressing Global Demand, Olives Are Argentina’s Fastest-Growing Crop[InvestBA]
Good news for the olive industry in Argentina: Olives are officially the fastest-growing crop in Argentina, as global demand for olive oil and olives is booming. In 2011, Argentina exported over...

VIDEO: Murga in Buenos Aires[The Argentina Independent]
As Carnaval celebrations continue, Alex Glynn gets involved in Murga, a celebration of traditional music, dance and colour that fills the streets of Buenos Aires throughout February.

Teachers Reject First Salary Proposal[The Argentina Independent]
Share/BookmarkA meeting between Buenos Aires Education Minister Estaban Bullrich and representatives of the Union of Education Workers (UTE) to discuss a raise in salary has ended with no agreement...

Proposed School Constructions Still Delayed[The Argentina Independent]
Share/BookmarkAs the start of the school year approaches, plans to construct 31 schools in the city of Buenos Aires have so far only led to the completion of one school, with several sites delayed...

Friday, 17 February 2012

Inception Park[Gringo Starr]
Saw this doing the rounds today – a nicely done short film showing trackless rollercoasters zooming around Buenos Aires. It’s all special effects of course, but it shows the wonderful architecture of...

Buenos Aires Nightlife on Carnival Weekend[Inside Buenos Aires]
(Photo by olmo calvo) Friday 17th Throughout Carnival weekend a series of street parades called murgas, a carnival tradition including rhythmic drums and costumes, will be celebrating around town...

Brazil: Dengue Fever Epidemic Possible[The Argentina Independent]
Share/BookmarkRio de Janeiro is potentially exposed to one of the worst dengue fever epidemics in recent history, Brazil’s Health Minister Alexandre Padilha said yesterday. As Brazil prepares for its...

buenos aires: collective memory[Line of Sight]
When historians look back on Buenos Aires at the turn of the 21st century, one of the topics they will likely discuss is the unfortunate destruction of the city's architectural heritage. Nothing...

Buenos Aires Gets Carnaval Fever[Buenos Aires 4U]
Throughout the month of February, the Carnaval 2012 spirit has been sweeping across Buenos Aires with some of the best 2012 Carnaval celebrations outside of Rio taking place on the Porteño streets....

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Buenos Aires Shakespeare Festival[Inside Buenos Aires]
(Photo by tonynetone) Throughout the week, until Sunday the 19th, the city will be celebrating the famous English playwright at the 2nd annual Shakespeare festival. Free activities including...
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