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Sep 22, 2012
Saturday, 10 January

delivery please[Yillabean]
I've heard rumors that you can get cigarettes delivered in Bs.As. There is ice cream delivery; they bring it with a moped that has a cooler on the back. You can get your groceries delivered; yo...

This Wine Smells Like Dirt[micheleandtom.com]
Note for readers: Another post by Tom. As a general rule, you’ll find that all alcohol-related posts are authored by Tom.
It’s hard work tasting wine in Mendoza. You’ve got...

Top Ten natural beauties in Argentina[Argentina Look]
Argentina is a very huge country, and one thing that I can say about my country is that the natural diversity is wide. There are many natural beauties that are worth the visit and I want to show them, so I made my top ten natural beauties to visit in Argentina...

Friday, 09 January

Weekend Buzz: Get Outta the City Edition[Argentina's Travel Guide]
Photo by John Spooner
Believe it or not, there are fun and exciting things to do outside Buenos Aires.* Why not go away this weekend?
Saturday Hop on the Busquebus and over to Uruguay for La...

eating on the go[Yillabean]
The other day I finally made it to the grocery store. I let myself buy the ($3) bread instead of my normal ($1) loaf of bread. Big spender right?? I also bought a brownie (a deep craving for cho...

CSI: Cows[Argentina's Travel Guide]
Gauchos in La Plata are cracking down on cow thieves by utilizing a new genetic testing technique.* Lax controls and the sheer scale of Argentina’s free-range cattle industry has facilitated ...

Summer with free cultural activities in Buenos Aires[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The government of the City of Buenos Aires presents "Aires Buenos Aires - Cultura para respirar" (Culture to Breathe), a program of cultural activities that starts next Saturday, January 10, consisti...

Model Daniela sure is slum girl![The Sun]
This beautiful teenager is tipped to be the world’s next supermodel after she was discovered living in a slum collecting rubbish...

Getting a Brazilian Visa in Buenos Aires[Discover Buenos Aires]
We decided that like a lot of porteños, we would try and escape the heat of Buenos Aires in the summer, so next week, we’re off to explore Florianópolis , Brazil for awhile.* Floripa has been ...

Bestial Design[playmedesign.com]
I love it when I get tips in my mailbox on good design, and this time it came all the way from Buenos Aires where we find Bestial Design! They work in the fields of illustration, music videos ...

Thursday, 08 January

Procrastination is bad or is it?[Paddy in Buenos Aires]
If my life right now were to be flow charted it would look exactly like this. If you locked me in a padded cell with no lights (which is probably where I shoul...

swimwear south of the equator[Yillabean]
I'm planning on going to the beach for a weekend in the end of january. i'm considering buying an argentine swimsuit. what is an argentine swimsuit? argentine swim suites for ladies have half th...

Overnight Bus Travel Tips[micheleandtom.com]
1) Get a seat on the top of the bus (if it’s a double decker). The bottom sucks — you are close to the bathroom so it smells bad, you can’t see out the front, the ceiling is low ...

Wednesday, 07 January

Covering Argentina’s Police Problems[The Argentine Post]

Daily Pic 75 : Callao, Communist Party[The Silver River]

Best Neighborhoods for Tourists[BA Tips]
... let’s take a look at my favorite neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, ranked in order from best to least-best.

Protecting Argentina's parrot colony [BBC News]
You might think that 180,000 squawking, screeching parrots living in 35,000 nests along 12km (seven miles) of coastline would draw quite a lot of attention.
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